Best Cricket Games For PC [2GB/4GB RAM]

2019 has been a busy cricketing season with tournaments like IPL and ICC World Cup Cricket 2019 taking place.

And being the second most popular sport in the world, it’s fans need something more than just watching cricket.

They want to realize what it feels when playing.

And for that, they can either play themselves or they can just play cricket games on their PC or their Android phone. And Fortunately in 2019, there are many games for them to play.

Just for you, we have created the list of 7 Best Cricket Games for PC in 2019.

So, without wasting any time. Let’s Get started:

1. Cricket 19

cricket 19 best pc cricket game

Built on the same gaming engine like Ashes Cricket, Cricket 19 Without any doubt is one of the best PC cricket games right now. It was created by the popular BigAntStudios.

Cricket 19 is perhaps one of the most lifelike games you’ll ever see and it was released for the 2019 Ashes series which held between England and Australia every year.

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The best thing about this game is that its licensed for England and Australian cricket teams and new and better AI. It’s new and improved AI lets the AI Player think of situations. They can make plans according to your score and abilities. And while batting too, the AI will protect its weaker batting partner. So, these things make it one of the most realistic game as of now.

2. Ashes Cricket

ashes cricket best cricket games for pc
Ashes Cricket Screenshot

The Features #2 on our list is none other than Ashes Cricket and it’s from the same publisher BigAntStudios.

It was released in 2017 for the 2017-18 Ashes Cricket Series Between England & Australia. And it was licensed for England and Australian teams only.

But that doesn’t mean you will not have any other teams. Instead, they will give you a dedicated community feature from where you can download players, teams, and much more!

3. Don Bradman Cricket 17

don bradman cricket 17 pc cricket game
Don Bradman cricket 17 in-game screenshot

Don Bradman cricket 17 is the only AAA cricket game for PC and consoles. The market for cricket games isn’t huge because the game is popular only in a few countries and America isn’t one of them.

Countries such as India where cricket is a way of life, don’t have many people with gaming PC’s or consoles.

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This is why Don Bradman cricket 17 has the market to itself and that can be a boon as well as a curse. If the game is good developers BigAntStudios and players win big if it isn’t up to the mark it will join a long list of mediocre cricket games and is likely to discourage many from buying these in the future. So does Don Bradman cricket 17 live up to expectations? Yes and no. Let’s start with the good things: Bowling is one of the hardest skills of modern cricket and Don Bradman cricket 17 reflects that. It gives you a wide array of deliveries to choose from and lets you alter details such as the pitch swing, flight and speed of the ball. We found this incredibly hard to master. For every excellent delivery that Got us a wicked, we bowled at least two balls so wide that they reach the boundary. Fast bowlers are harder to control than spinners so if you’re just starting out, try spin bowling to keep the run rate under control flying around the walk. The deliver batting is another of the game’s highlights. There are a lot of shots to choose from and it takes a lot of time in the training mode to get the hang of these. Things won’t end well if you don’t get footwork short selection or timing right. While that sounds like an obvious thing the implementation was quite impressive the difficulty level is another big plus. There’s enough of a challenge for beginners even in easy mode while advanced players will enjoy slugging it out on hard Mode.
Don Bradman Cricket 17 Negative
Don Bradman Cricket 17 has some of the worst fielders you will ever see. Most people would prefer to let the game control fielders itself and that leads to a comedy of errors. Fielder’s will randomly drop catches and sometimes even give trance by carrying the ball over the boundary. Surprisingly enough they don’t say Merry Christmas or happy Diwali while doing that fielder’s also don’t attack the ball enough. Sometimes they’ll wait for the ball to go past them before running behind it and at other times they will miss catching opportunities by refusing to move towards the ball. Thankfully your fielder’s will pull off stunning catches at times but they don’t do it consistently enough. Since BigAntStudios doesn’t have licenses for players they all have fake names such as Sulaiman that the instead of Shikhar Dhawan. This can be fixed easily by downloading community-created players. The game’s graphics leave a lot to be desired. Player faces at generic grounds look average and at times we were wondering if the game was made for a ps4 or a Windows 98 PC. It definitely doesn’t look like a game that costs 4000 rupees if you’re going to be playing Don Bradman cricket 17. You will do so because it’s a genuinely challenging cricket game there are plenty of game modes to keep you engaged. You can start a player’s career and defend like your life depends on it in a Test match or start a five-hour game and try to smash every ball out of the park. There is enough variety here to keep you hooked for quite some time if the graphics and fielding were better. We’d find ourselves recommending this game as things stand we can’t recommend it unless you’re a cricket fan who absolutely must play a cricket game on PC or consoles.

4. Big Bash Boom

big bash boom cricket game
Big Bash Boom

BigAntStudio is one of the few companies in the world that makes cricket games for both PC and consoles.

With Don Bradman cricket 17 and Ashes Cricket under its belt the company has now released Big Bash Boom. This is the official cricket game for Big Bash League, Australia’s premier t20 cricket tournament while Ashes cricket focus was on realism.

Big Bash boom highlight is the top gameplay.

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You can do crazy things like score 12 runs of a single ball, bowl delivery at 200 km/h and even set the pitch on fire so the opposition can’t run between the wickets. Big Bash Boom doesn’t take the rules of cricket too seriously and tries to make itself accessible to those who don’t follow the sport. In Big Bash Boom all players and umpires look like 3d characters with extra large heads and small bodies. The animations in big bash boom feel like an evolution of the big bash cricket mobile game. Now when you sweetly time the shot and is heading into the stands for a six you can see a glowing trail behind the ball. Sometimes if you hit a Yorker length delivery for a six there’s a slow-motion cutscene that shows you launching it into the air. The array of shots you can play has been carried over from ashes cricket but the realism has been doom down. Now even if you don’t hit a ball in the perfect area sometimes it will sail through for a 6. We notice this even on Hard difficulty something that was quite tough in ashes cricket. Another neat feature is a cinematic cutscenes in big bash boom. Now if you get out without scoring your batsman will be mocked by a giant dancing rubber duck as they walk back to the pavilion this adds a fun element to the game which is nice to have. The gameplay in big bash boom is pretty easy to pick up for batting the left stick decides the direction of the shot and each of the four buttons on the controller plays a different kind of shot. A little bit of trial and error will help you figure out which shots work best and most people will move to Hard difficulty really quickly because the other two difficulty levels are just way too easy even for beginners. Bowling is a lot more challenging especially in hard mode because the pitch of the ball keeps changing. You have to keep adjusting it with the left stick while the bowler is running in and hit another button to ensure that you don’t no bowl. You can choose from eight different types of deliveries per bowler the game shows you four of these at a time and you can hit the shoulder buttons to see four more styles of deliveries. We really like the power of system in big bash boom now if you keep the score down in an over while bowling or score a lot of runs while batting then your powerup meter will fill to the brim after which you can enable these power-ups. These Power-ups changes by the team and each of these is enabled after some really cool animations. Now this reminds us of ultimate moves in fighting games such as injustice 2. Power-ups will allow you to score more runs and prevent the batsman from running and much more. Fielding is almost completely automated in big bash boom now we still find this to be the weakest point of the game and it’s a bit baffling to see you this year after year in Big Ant Studios console games. Now in big bash boom you’ve seen the keeper diving to their right and somehow catch a ball that went six meters to then left the ball is thrown to the keeper and they magically catch it without even moving their hands. Fielders also appear to be ball watching way too many times and sometimes even though they appear to have successfully taken a catch the batsman is somehow not given out. The problems with big bash boom don’t end there while you can choose to play 1 5 10 or 20 over matches even a simple 5 over match takes over half an hour to complete due to some really strange design choices. Now after every single delivery is completed you will see a splash screen with the words big bash boom. This is probably expected on a mobile game but not in a premium game for consoles now we really got annoyed with these splash screens and you’re also really disappointed with the performance of the game on the Nintendo switch. Cutscenes were really laggy and basic things such as starting the match or just switching over between two innings was just way too long in terms of loading times in game menus also looked pretty low res and we could barely read the names of the players on the customization screen. Now even if you ignore these performance issues which is a big task big bash boom does have a few more flaws. There are just two main modes casual and tournament and the third mode where you can customize the players at or in-game elements such as the ball the customizations are unlockables that can be obtained through in-game currency earned by playing the game. But we feel that it’s a bit too much of a grind to unlock most of these. You also think that the game could have used a few more gameplay modes. Just having two casual and tournament is not enough. Big bash boom could have been an excellent over-the-top game to play for fans of Big Bash League but in its current form, it feels like it was rushed to the market without enough testing and suffers a lot because of that. We really love the cutscenes and the core batting and bowling experience in this game along with the power-ups. Unfortunately, the fielding AI overuse of splash screens performance issues and unnecessary grinding made with big bash boom feel tedious to play and a downgrade over some of the achievements of ashes cricket. And all these features make it one of the best cricket games for pc.

5. EA Sports Cricket 2007

EA Sports Cricket 2007 or widely known as cricket 07 was released on November 24, 2006, by Electronic Arts, one of the best game making companies in the world.

This game is considered as one of the best cricket game for PC. To be honest, I am a great fan of this game, and I play only this game on my PC. This game has had stadiums, kits, overlays, etc.

This game is also licensed by the team boards. You can play 5, 10, 20, 50, 4 Day, 5 Day matches in this game. You can spin, swing, and seam the ball.​

What is the best cricket game for PC?

Cricket 19: Official Game Of The Ashes The Cricket 19 is one of the most popular and best cricket game available for pc in 2019. The reason for giving the first position for this game comes with a full package that features premium graphics, rich content, animation, batsman/bowler’s playing style, and control.

Why EA Sports Stop Making Cricket Games?

The real reason for discontinuing the cricket series is that there are only 10 major cricket playing nations. Amongst the ten teams India, Australia and England enjoy the monopoly. So it’s hard for the company to expect profit from this game. So finally, they decided to discontinue their operations in the cricket series.

How do you hit a six in cricket 2007 PC?

Want to hit 6 sixes in an over? You can also hit sixers easily. For a right-handed batsman, when the bowler bowls a full or yorker ball, just press shift + right arrow + D.

Which Cricket game can I play without controller?

Currently, the only game which you can play without a controller is EA Cricket 07

How can I download Cricket 19 on android?

You can’t download Cricket 19 on android because it’s available for PC only.

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