PG Nationals Spring 2022 News

PG Nationals is a yearly Italian competition for Rainbow Six. It’s widely viewed as one of the top tournaments within the Rainbow Six world and it’s no shock that it pulls in excellent viewing figures. Although Rainbow Six is one of the low key games on the circuit, the PG Nationals are still considered to be a big deal in the eSports community. It’s because of this, that there are so many aspects of the tournament that means it has a special place in the hearts of eSports fans. 

PG Nationals Spring 2022 Betting

At this moment in time, the front runner for the title is MACKO Esports. The Italian-based team has won all 7 of its games in the tournament so far, putting them 4 points clear at the top of the standings. Of course, as the event moves into the finals, this could change. But right now, MACKO is a dominant force. It means that at most eSports betting sites like ข่าวไทย, they have the shortest odds. In an ironic twist, the team in fourth place is the only team to have closely challenged them recently. 

The fact that the fourth-placed team has managed to give MACKO a run for their money shows exactly why eSports is so exciting. Despite MACKO leading the group stages, the scare they suffered against one of the weaker teams and how they were pushed hard, shows that when the finals begin, anyone has a chance of winning. 

It means that the betting going into the finals could provide some great value. With shocks and surprises possible, it might be a good idea to look at the teams that have an outside chance to win the tournament. Look at the teams with strong players who can pull off shocking results. These are the teams to explore when trying to find good value with your eSports bets.

Current Standings

Rainbow Six is much more linear than other games on the market. So, there’s very little open-ended narrative like you’d find in Skyrim or the upcoming Starfield. It means that it is generally a pure skill-based game rather than one that draws players in. The PG Nationals is a great way to see which players have honed their skills to reach the top of the game. 

The standings for the tournament are currently as follows:

  • MACKO 21 points
  • Mkers 17 points
  • Hmble 11 points
  • Esport Empire 11 points
  • Outplayed 9 points
  • Totem Esports 9 points
  • Axolotl Esports 5 points
  • Italian Gaming Project 1 point

However, with group stage games coming thick and fast, things can change very quickly. 

Other Rainbow Six Tournaments

The PG Nationals isn’t the only tournament that is on offer in the Rainbow Six world. Ubisoft has also organized a North American league for players in the USA and Canada. This pro league will also have a league underneath it. Players who haven’t attained pro status will have the chance to play in online leagues and move up to the top tier of Rainbow Six gameplay. 

It means that the Rainbow Six eSports community is thriving right now.