Perfect Air Mattress, Great Value: Med-Aire Plus Low Air Loss Mattress System

When customers come to us looking for air mattresses for their loved ones, they often expect thousands of dollars in price tags. This is certainly the case with many air mattresses in the Canadian market. Get some dependable medical institution furniture providers who’re directly there to help you with some great products like Hospital beds at reasonably-priced degrees. However, we aim to provide superior quality home medical equipment that will not break the bank. We know how expensive it is to create a home care environment with your family or surroundings. friend!

We are proud to offer Drive Medical’s Med Air Plus Alternate Pressure and Low Eros Mattress System as it is a Drive Medical Med Air Low Eros Mattress System. What exactly does that mean?

The main goal of air mattresses is to help reduce and treat pressure ulcers beyond just providing better comfort to the patient. When a person is restrained in bed (due to immobility), the constant rubbing on a stationary surface of the body can cause a serious stress on the skin. Bed sores are painful and there is a risk of infection. The air pockets on the Med-Air Plus mattress provide dynamic pressure redistribution to counter this. The 8-inch-deep air cell means that even if the power is turned off and the mattress pump is disabled, it will take 24 hours for the mattress to lose air. This allows the caregiver to move the patient or wait for power to resume. ,

In addition, this Drive Medical Air Mattress has a 10-inch deep fixed circumferential tube. It serves as an excellent tool to prevent patients from getting stuck between the mattress and side rails of a home hospital bed. The mattress’s low shear, fluid-resistant mattress cover prevents further confinement. This will prevent the user from slipping on the bed.

This highly versatile medical air mattress gives caregivers the ability to personalize the mattress pressure cycle to meet patient needs.