Pay by Phone Slots: What are they?

Since we’re creating a world where everything is digital, we should as well create digital means of transactions, right? The shift from analogue to the digital world didn’t leave casino games out – play your favourite games today.

With online slots, we now have all that one can find on a Landbased casino online. Yet there’s another addition to this list; Pay by phone slots. Do you want to know more about how to deposit on casinos using your mobile phone? Do you want to know the easiest way to make deposits on online slots? Then this is for you.

What is Pay by Phone slots?

Pay by phone slots is the next in line; as the name implies, it means that you can deposit for slots through your phone. It means that when you want to stake or wager for real money, you can do so through your phone. Pay by phone slots used to be one of the visions of digital gambling. It is one of those things that the gaming industry added to make gambling easier. It used to be an idea, but it is now out there for easy use.

Benefits of Pay by phone slots

Paying through your mobile phones has some advantages like allowing you to track your spending, like keeping your transactions records straight on your phone.

You will have your deposits records popping up on your screen anytime you need them. Pay by phone can be likened to a credit card, only that this one is not a card you hold at hand but on your phone. Think of how easy it is to be playing a game on your phone and be able to top up your account ok the same mobile device. See how sweet that sounds? No switching to other apps, external apps; it’s totally off external devices.

How to use Pay by phone slots

If you’ve ever deposited on any online casino before, then you’ll know how to go about this. It’s the same way. Don’t worry; even if you have not made any deposit on any online casino before, that’s why we’re here to put you through.

Log into your preferred casino site and create an account if you don’t have any. Go to the payment section and select “pay by phone”. Then proceed to select the amount you wish to deposit. Provide your phone number, and you’ll receive a confirmation code text. The confirmation code will contain a message that tells you of a successful deposit. The deposit you made is (or will be) deducted from your phone bill.


Pay by phone is another method to make deposits easier for players; this must have been the easiest of the available deposit methods ever. Requiring no bank accounts or bank statements, requiring no master card or E-Wallets. It’s a welcome development. All a player needs is to have a mobile phone, have some money on it in the form of recharged airtime; even if not, a player can still play your game, and the charges will be deducted later.