Our Top Tips for Finding the Best Yacht Charters in Croatia

If you are planning to spend some time on the stunning Croatian coast, a yacht charter is the perfect way to do it. A private yacht charter will give you the freedom to explore the glorious Croatian coastline at your own convenience. Multiple companies offer yacht charters in Croatia, and nothing is more important than getting it right and choosing the perfect boat for you.

Here we have shared some tips to help you book the best yacht charter and enjoy a great time at sea. 

Check Your Requirements 

As numerous yacht charters are available, you must first find out what sort of requirements you will have for the yacht and what you would like to have on board.  

  • The size of the yacht should be adequate for your crew. 
  • What is the starting and end point of the yacht you have chartered? 
  • What type of equipment you will need? 
  • Is there someone in your group who is a licensed skipper, or do you have to hire one? 
  • How will sleeping be arranged?
  • Are you looking for a sailing boat, a catamaran, or a luxury yacht? 

Make a Short List of the Yacht Charters That You Like 

Once you know your requirements, the next step is to make a short list of the companies that offer yacht charters that fully fit your needs. Choose the best yacht service from this shortlist to enjoy a great time with your friends or family. 

Narrow Down Your Choice to Find the Best Yacht for Your Needs 

Once you have made the shortlist of the best yacht charters in Croatia, send emails to the respective companies to check for the availability of their yacht. You should request them to mail you back with the complete cost breakdown list of the yacht charter service. This enquiry will help you prune the number of charter yachts you have shortlisted even further. 

Compare the Offers of the Yacht Charter Companies in Detail

Once you have received the answers to your queries from various charter companies, you must compare their offers in detail. Check how old the boat is, its size, the price at which the company is offering it for hire, the reputation of the company that charters the boat, the experience of the crew and the captain and so on. You can check the reviews of the companies that charter yacht services on Google. The reviews will give you a good idea about the experience of other people who have travelled on those yachts. The feedback from other travellers would be a great help in choosing the right yacht for your sailing experience. 

Book the Yacht & Sign the Contract 

Once you have finalised your choice, you must then confirm your booking. You will have to make a down payment to confirm the yacht, and then around 2 months before your charter date you will pay the remainder of the fee. You will then receive the contract to sign to finalise your reservation.

Follow these tips to book the right yacht service for an enjoyable holiday sailing along the beautiful coast of Croatia.