Organize your own game tournament

The weather is slowly getting colder, and it’s too cold to be outside all day. That means only one thing, gaming! So take the lead and organize a game tournament! Everyone is training again to reach the highest rank in whatever game they play.

Step 1

But how do you go about this? Although there are some things that need to be arranged, this is also a fun challenge. Finding a location is of course the first step, but theaters and halls are probably eager for a few extra pennies so this will be arranged quickly.

Sign up!

After that, it is a matter of looking for participants. Of course you have to get people’s attention and for this you will have to advertise. For example, post various messages on Instagram or place promotional materials such as beachflags in busy places in the city. Or place an x-banner in the hall where the tournament takes place.


Once the participants have signed up, it is of course important that the necessary drinks and snacks are available at the tournament. Perhaps you can arrange something with the theater or hall where the tournament is taking place and use the canteen. Of course, it is often hot in such a hall, so it is important to keep the participants well hydrated.

Because of the heat, it is also important that there is someone present with medical knowledge and BHV training. If something goes wrong, someone has to be there to help.

The winner takes it all

Participation is more important than winning, they say, but you always participate to win. Make sure you have a prize to hand out to the winners of the tournament. Think for example of an engraved cup for the winner. You can also print tissue paper to put in small gifts for each player of the winning team.


Planning is key when organizing an event. A clear plan should be made in advance so that you can plan everything and are better prepared for situations that have not been planned beforehand. But the day itself also needs to be well planned. To make it a success, you cannot let all the participants do as they please. Therefore, make a division of teams in advance and a schedule of when who plays against whom and which team has a break and when. Otherwise, of course, it will become a mess and nobody wants that.