Online dating: basic privacy rules

Online dating can become the most fascinating experience in your life or vice versa. There are no fewer fraudsters on the Internet than in real life. So if you act recklessly, instead of being cautious – the long-awaited romance could turn out into big trouble. Therefore, it is necessary to follow the safety rules of dating on the Web. In order not to become a victim of scammers, read the privacy tips we collected for you.

Choose only reliable websites

If you write ‘Ukraine ladies looking for marriage‘ in Google, you get a couple millions of results. At this point, you need to turn on your critical thinking and choose only reliable platforms. Hastily created one-day sites with an abundance of suspicious advertising links must be avoided. Remember, an offer to provide your very private information, upload intimate photos or share the exact address of your residence – are the reasons to escape from the website immediately. You should create an account only on reputable, well-known resources. There you will not have to fear sharing your contact details with unauthorized persons or search engines.

Personal data security 

If you want to register to a dating site – it is recommended to create a separate mailbox for this purpose. The one where your real name and surname are not noticed. You should not tell the online interlocutor your exact place of work, the number of your house or apartment, or your personal cell phone number. Since that could be really dangerous. 

Strong password 

You need to get rid of the habit of using the same password for social networks, email, online stores, and anything else. Each account requires a separate, unique password. It should consist of a combination of numbers and letters. And it definitely shouldn’t contain your date of birth, name of the city you live in, or something similar.

Correspondence security

Regardless of who took the initiative and started communication – you should not immediately give your personal email address or phone number. Until the moment of a real-life date with the candidate, the messaging on the platform you got to know each other is sufficient. Because there, if desired, communication can be easily stopped without any consequences.

You should not start a conversation with the owners of anonymous profiles or those that contain provocative information. You are also required to immediately inform the website administration about users who send spam, write ridiculous or offensive comments. So they could block such accounts right away. 

Communication with girls 

As soon as communication has begun, you should carefully examine her words. It is a reason to worry if the conversationalist doesn’t answer questions about her job, marital status or simply avoids certain topics. If the way in which your woman communicates could be described as uninformative – run away. The same goes for odd, rude, or too passionate individuals. Even if she is not a scammer, she may well turn out to be a mentally unstable person.

Never send money

A number one rule to follow when dating online: don’t send anyone money. Even small amounts and even in response to a request to save someone’s life. Neither when the idea to provide financial support to a stranger comes by itself nor under the influence of a lady – you should immediately forget about it. Many fraudsters are excellent psychologists and know which buttons to press to evoke sympathy and compassion. There are special websites for those who need help – on dating sites, adequate people do not discuss financial problems.

Do not follow third-party links 

It is better not to click on the sent links to third-party sites. There is no guarantee that – as a result – the computer will not be infected with a virus. And confidential information will not leak in an unknown direction.