Online betting on the Brazilian Men’s Basketball Championship 2022

Brazil is known as the home of football but that is not the only sport Brazilians passionately bet on. Basketball, under Novo Basquete Brasil (NBB), is another popular Brazilian betting sport.

The NBB was established in 2008 and is an upgrade of the former league, Campeonato Brasileiro de Basquete. It consists of 15 teams that go head to head, home and away, against each other through the season.

This exciting league runs from October/November to March the following year. It climaxes into a playoff series where qualifying teams play a best of five series. At the end of the season, some bottom teams get relegated to the lower league while the top teams in the bottom league get promoted to the top flight.

Betting on the NBB can be entertaining with the possibility of winning some money on making the right bets. To do this, you need to visit the site to understand the betting methods and the best betting sites to see.

This article will get you on your way regarding betting on the NBB with your eyes wide open.

Great Betting Methods 

When it comes to betting on the NBB, you can choose from a variety of betting methods to place your bets. Once you have chosen one of the reputable bookmakers, you will have to choose one of the methods we will share here. 

Future Bets

This kind of bet caters mostly to experienced punters looking to work with huge odds and win big. You should have built up some level of confidence to try your luck at his type of betting.

Using your extensive knowledge of the NBB, punters place bets on future games or seasons up to a year in advance. The odds are high and the payouts are big if you get it right.


You can place multiple bets in combination with parlays. The only way you win is if all your bets are correct once the games are completed. It’s a winner takes all bet where you can win big if you get all your bets right.

Money Line

This is a less common type of bet but it deserves more attention especially from beginners. In money lines, you place a bet based on the team you think will win.  

While the payouts are not great, it is a simple bet you can place as you learn the betting ropes of the NBB. 

Point Spread 

Points spread is the slightly difficult version of money lines. You place a bet based on the points difference between the teams. You not only have to guess the winning team but you need to guess the correct point difference at the final whistle of the game. 

Best NBB Betting Sites

The betting world is lucrative which means there may be a couple of fraudsters trying to take advantage of unsuspecting punters. To avoid them, you should know which bookmakers you can trust to give you a great experience with your hard-earned money. 

Here is a list of the betting sites and what they excel at when it comes to betting on the NBB:

  1. Betway is known as a great overall bookmaker for basketball. It has a great reputation all over the world. 
  2. SportsNation is a great bookmaker for punters looking for amazing introductory offers on registration.
  3. Coral provides punters with a wide variety of betting markets. 
  4. Unibet is known for offering several promotions and bonuses to add to the fun you will enjoy while betting on its platform. 
  5. Ladbrokes gives a great platform specifically for basketball that is both reliable and easy to use. You have everything you need for basketball under one roof.


Betting on the NBB, like Palpites NBA, can be rewarding if you know what you are doing. Understanding the different betting methods, best-betting sites and past and present league happenings will put you ahead of the game.