NovelCat Writer Benefits: Exclusive Bonuses Beyond Your Imagination!

In recent years, online reading has been getting trendy day by day among teenagers and adults. The number of readers reading online has gone up since more people have access to the Internet. Simultaneously, it has opened a copious number of opportunities for aspiring writers to earn money by writing fiction online.

As one of the online reading platforms, NovelCat, a globally well-known platform that offers numerous benefits for ambitious writers, provides opportunities for writers to earn money from online writing. To help you form a comprehensive understanding of the NovelCat writer benefits, this article will guide you to know its superior merits.

Why are the NovelCat Writer Benefits Special?

NovelCat writer benefits offer a distinctive package for aspiring writers to showcase their talent and earn money. The online writing platform offers various bonuses based on the writer’s level, and every writer starting from level 5 and above can get these bonuses. Let’s dig into more details of NovelCat writer benefits and bonuses.

  1. Unique Bonuses 

NovelCat offers unique bonuses to the writers upon signing, updating, and completing the write-up. For instance, writers at Level 5 or above can get the signing bonus once they get the exclusive contract, publish over 100k words, or get over 200 followers (No matter which requirement the writer meets, he can get a bonus). This bonus has varying rewards for Level 5 and above, starting from 100 USD as a minimum prize. At Level 6, the signing bonus is 150 USD, and 200 USD is prepared for Level 7 or above. 

Besides the signing bonuses, NovelCat writer benefits include updating bonuses depending on the monthly written words. Writers at Level 5 or above can get this bonus by reaching a minimum of 60,000 monthly words. Updating bonus base rewards starts from 100 USD for updating 60,000 words monthly, meeting the salary demands, or getting an exclusive contract. Meanwhile, the updating break of the month is no more than 3 days while reaching 400 USD for more than 150,000 words monthly update. (For more detailed requirements, please check the website:

Another unique NovelCat writer benefit is associated with the novel-length. Writers with level 5 or above can get a 100 USD bonus by reaching 150,000 words. If your fiction is completed, you can be offered 500 USD for writing more than 500,000 words as an exclusive reward.

  1. General Bonuses

Except for the unique bonus, NovelCat writer benefits also contain some general bonuses. For instance, the first release reward, 50USD, is prepared for writers at Level 5 or above who have published over 80,000 words. The novel is not required to be finished but only needs to reach the specified number of words.

Once the writer goes above level 8, they will get into the elite segment to get more NovelCat writer benefits. The writers at Level 9 can get 10,000 USD, while those at Level 10 can receive 30,000 USD as an upgrading reward. These rewards are helpful for the writers to earn money while showcasing their writing skills by writing novels.

Some FAQs about NovelCat Writer Benefits

To help you better understand the NovelCat writer benefits, this part will illustrate some common questions. 

  • When is the Application Period?

The NovelCat writer benefits have an exclusive application period. During the event, the application lasts between the 1st and 10th of every month. The event’s duration starts from 1st January 2022 to 31st March 2022. Thus, ensure to get registered for the benefits within the application period.

  • Is It Free to Join in the Event?

The online novel writing activity is completely free regarding payment concerns. Come and apply for the event once you have 5000 words written for the NovelCat platform. 

  • Is There Any Guidance?

When writers apply for the NovelCat benefits, the system will assign them with experienced and professional editors. The editor will provide the writer with assistance and feedback on his writing to help him reach his goals. In this way, the writer can achieve the milestones quickly while maintaining the content quality according to the requirements.



If you have confidence in writing fascinating novels online, NovelCat is your best choice to show your talents and creativeness. No matter where you are from, welcome to NovelCat, which sincerely invites you to share your story with its readers!

As a globally popular platform, NovelCat encourages the writers to show the art of writing in the form of well-crafted novels. As an online reading and writing platform, NovelCat is constantly dedicated to providing the best to writers and readers. Thus, if you want to join NovelCat, please don’t hesitate to contact them right now!