Northern Lights Feminized

The Northern Lights feminized strain gets its name from the Aurora Borealis phenomenon thanks to its intense body-calming high. Join a community of cultivators of Northern Lights feminized seeds and grow an award-winning strain favored by many.

These easy-to-grow crops make room for beginner errors and are resilient to insects and mold.

Thanks to its genetics, this cultivar boasts skunky, earthy-sweet aromas and flavors. The skunky, earthy-sweet fruit flavors upon the inhale and exhale are sure to please the senses.

Northern Lights feminized seeds produce plants with a THC level of 17%. It induces cerebral effects, leaving you on a high note.

Despite its name, there’s nothing light about Northern Lights feminized. Even one small toke is potent, leaving you happy but completely relaxed. A great cultivar to enjoy if you’re looking for something to end off a busy day.

Below we’ll discuss its effects, flavors, how to grow your Northern Lights feminized seeds, and most importantly, the best place to get your stash of seeds.

Let’s unbox the lights and find out more about this excellent cultivar.

Northern Lights feminized seeds description

Crops grown from Northern Lights feminized seeds are indica dominant and boast great characteristics. It’s a hybrid produced from two superb landraces, Afghani and Thai. A strain that many cannabis connoisseurs love. 

It won the 1989 Cannabis Cup for Best Indica and still contributes to the lineage of other strains.

Plants produced from Northern Lights feminized seeds present a fat main stem and thin, wide-fingered green leaves for easy light absorption. During flowering stages, frost-like trichomes and tinctures of gold cover the colas.

The internodal spacing stays close together, so the buds grow into small hard nuggets filling up the entire branch when plants begin to flower.

Northern Lights feminized seeds grow into short, easy to cultivate plants that don’t need much attention. Provide the crops with sufficient light and nutrients and watch them flourish. Perfect for indoor growing.

It’s one of the hardiest cultivars around that produces outstanding results even in harsh climates. Expect a bountiful yield with high THC to give you the psychedelic effect expected.

Northern Lights feminized effects

A small toke of weed produced from Northern Lights feminized seeds will have you in relaxation mode within minutes. 

Before indulging in the essence of this strain, make sure to set aside a good amount of snacks. This cultivar is well-known to bring on an intense case of the munchies.

Expect a heavy yet pleasant feeling after inhaling weed from Northern Lights feminized seeds. You’ll experience a creativity boost and focused energy. Instantly followed by soothing sensations that trickle from the top of your head down the rest of your body.

At this point, you’ll be feeling tranquil and mellow, looking for the nearest couch. An amazing feeling, especially if you have aching muscles.

The indica dominance in buds produced from Northern Lights feminized seeds contribute to the highly sedative and relaxation effects. A small sativa percentage inspires a quick burst of energy that doesn’t last long.

Gratification and euphoria follow the relaxed feeling. You’ll now be reveling in your laziness as you sit back and enjoy your hit.

Due to the sedative properties in crops from Northern Lights feminized seeds, you’ll experience a relaxed sleep. Waking up the following morning with new heights of energy to take your day on.

Enjoy this warm feeling that overcomes your body. If you’re looking for an instant get-in-to-bed remedy, you can take a bit more on the inhale. It’ll be lights out for you in no time.

Northern Lights feminized flavors

If it’s mind-blowing flavors you’re looking for; you won’t be disappointed. Buds from Northern Lights feminized seeds have multilayered aromas and tastes courtesy of their parent plants.

It picks up sweet, spicy notes from its Afghani side with wet earth and pine undertones. The fruity bonds are thanks to their Thai genetics. The combination of the two hides the deep and potent undertone of the strong marijuana smell.

The terpenes in Northern Lights feminized seeds make up the diverse aromatic scents you can enjoy around you. Despite its over-powering aromas of spice and fruit, expect a hint of woody and mint ones too.

Your taste buds are delighted by the flavors. Pine and spice dominate, with mint and floral extracts adding a light touch to the palate.

How to germinate Northern Lights feminized seeds

Every cultivation journey starts with the germination of seeds. Growing Northern Lights feminized seeds is no different.

Before we discuss different methods of germinating seeds, let’s first touch on vital factors to consider when purchasing your Northern Lights feminized seeds. 

Be selective about the quality of seeds you use. Buying them from reputable seed stores like Homegrown Cannabis Co. works in your favor. Get mature firm seeds with dark brown outer shells. White, pale green ones have a lower chance of sprouting.

The spot where you choose to germinate your seeds should be dark and warm, with temperatures ranging from 71–77℉.

Newly sprouted Northern Lights feminized seeds prefer fluorescent light for warmth. LED lights or a dark warm cupboard would also suffice.

The germination process requires four things:

  • Water
  • Warmth
  • Darkness
  • Humidity

Before starting with any method, if you’ve stored your seeds, soak them in lukewarm water first. Once they sink to the bottom, they’re ready to be germinated.

Below We’ll discuss three ways to start bringing your Northern Lights feminized seeds to life:

Paper towel method

You’ll need:

  • Your seeds
  • Two sheets of paper towel
  • One plate
  • Tweezer
  • A spray bottle filled with water


  1. Moisten your paper towels by spraying water on them. Don’t soak it.
  2. Put one paper towel on the plate.
  3. With your tweezer, place the seeds on the damp paper towel one by one.
  4. Cover the grains with the other damp paper towel but don’t compress them.
  5. Place your plate in a dark, warm space like a cupboard.
  6. Check up on your Northern Lights feminized seeds in 24–hrs—it should sprout after 1–4 days.
  7. Remember that you need to spritz your paper towel daily to keep it moist.
  8. Once the seed has split and the taproot is visible, the germination process is complete.
  9. You can now transfer the seedlings to their growing pots with soil.

Planting directly into soil

You’ll need

  • Northern Lights feminized seeds
  • Pot plants
  • Good quality soil
  • Spray bottle filled with water


  1. Start by filling your pots with soil and making small holes approximately 0.39 in.–0.59 in. deep.
  2. Place the Northern Lights feminized seeds in the hole.
  3. Cover them with soil but don’t press down.
  4. Wet the soil by lightly spraying water over it. Do not soak the soil.
  5. Place the pots in a damp climate within required temperatures.
  6. After 4–10 days, the seeds should start sprouting. Roots also begin to develop at this point.
  7. Transport the seedling together with the soil into a bigger grow pot.

Using stone wool blocks

You’ll need

  • Northern Lights feminized seeds
  • A stone wool block 
  • 2 cups pH balanced water of 5.5


  1. Soak the stone wool blocks in water.
  2. Remove it from the water, shaking off any excess liquid.
  3. Place it in a plastic container.
  4. Make little holes that are about 0.12 in.–0.24 in. deep and throw your seeds in.
  5. Cover the container with the lids to lock in moisture and put it in a cupboard for 1–2 days.
  6. Check on them to make sure the blocks are wet enough.
  7. If it seems dry, spritz water over them.
  8. In 2–3 weeks, the germination process of your Northern Lights feminized seeds should be done and ready for transplanting into soil.

Some extra tips using this method to germinate Northern Lights feminized seeds:

  • Spray the stone wool block with a root stimulant to encourage the growth of roots while germinating.
  • Place a heating mat under the rock block to encourage sprouting.

Using any of the above methods is optimal for germination. Your cannabis seeds will grow healthier and stronger if you provide them with a good start.

Northern Lights feminized seeds grow information

Due to their genetics, these crops are the bottom line for an easy-to-grow strain. Northern Lights feminized seeds grow short weed crops, making them perfect for indoor growing. They have a short flowering time of 6–8 weeks.

Thankfully these crops are forgiving to novice growers and allow room for error. They’re particularly resistant to common irritants of marijuana plants.

Northern Lights feminized seeds produce tough crops and grow well in diverse climates.

Each branch of this beauty is thick and overwhelmed with colas during harvest time.

They produce generous yields of 17 oz./m² when cultivating indoors. If you’re growing them outdoors, expect to harvest up to 31 oz./plant.

While it grows well inside your home or out in the garden, you should know how tall these crops rise. This bushy, multi-branched plant stands firm at 5 feet tall outdoors and three indoors.

Temperatures must be kept between 70–80℉ when growing Northern Lights feminized seeds in a controlled environment.

Cultivating this strain is a perfect opportunity to embark on your sea of green growing skills. Cannabis crops can grow close together to stimulate bud development.

The sea of green (SOG) has benefits:

  • High yields
  • Quicker harvest
  • Enough space usage
  • Adequate use of resources

Cultivating Northern Lights feminized seeds produces an all-female strain that doesn’t need a change in the light cycle. During their growth stages, they need 18hrs of constant light.

During flowering time, they present you with sticky resin-dripping nuggets and sweetly covered THC-rich trichomes.

This cultivar has a giant crystal cone-shaped cola that’ll grow thin green leaves close to harvest time. Cut away unnecessary blades to allow optimal light absorption.

Feed Northern Lights feminized seeds crops with enough nutrients, and they’ll reward you with ample buds.

Northern Lights feminized seeds genetics

With distinguished genetics, it’s no wonder the crops of Northern Lights feminized seeds have set a standard for indica strains worldwide.

Two well-respected cultivars produced this hybrid:

  1. Afghani is a robust indica from the Afghanistan region known for its sedating effects and sweet earthy scents. It gets its growing traits from this side of the family tree.
  2. Thai, a Thailand sativa that gives strong euphoria and rich, fruity aromas. It’s believed that most of the flavor of the buds produced from Northern Lights feminized seeds comes from this side.

The calming, euphoric, relaxed, sedative, sleepy, and uplifted effects experienced are a mix of both. Indica Afghani still holds the cup in this category—Thai sativa adds the thrill of the chase with stimulating cerebral sensations.

Where to buy Northern Lights feminized seeds

Homegrown Cannabis Co. offers a variety of strains to choose from, including Northern Light feminized seeds USA.

The website is user-friendly for you to browse further after you’ve locked Northern Lights seeds into your basket. Click here and enjoy their blog pages that offer an array of advice for your post-purchase seed inquiries.

They offer amazing deals in their seed store with more information on Northern Lights feminized seeds.

Light up! Head North!

The Northern Lights feminized strain is bred from two well-known cultivars, Aghani and Thai—which explains why it’s recognized as an award-winning strain.

These indica dominant crops mesmerize you with their skunky, earthy, and fruity aromas. Along with their spicy pine and fruity floral flavors, this weed will certainly delight your senses.

Cultivating these generous and frosty crops indoors or out awards you with resin-drenched buds that will keep you lighting for days.

Its resistance to common pests and easy-to-grow characteristics makes it a favorite amongst most novice and expert growers.

The buds from Northern Lights feminized seeds aren’t for the faint-hearted. A heavy but gentle high sends your mood to the top with a sudden urge to tone things down. Indulge in its effects after a long day and get your share of calm and euphoria. 

Let your weed take you on a trip of relaxation to the comfort of your couch.

Start your growth journal to keep track of your seeds’ progress—from germinating to harvesting. Join the growing community at Homegrown Cannabis Co. today and get started with it right away.