Northern Lights Autoflower Seeds

You can’t call yourself a cannabis connoisseur if you’ve never gotten your hands on some Northern Lights autoflower seeds.

This famous weed strain is arguably one of the most popular cultivars on the planet. It’s revered for its powerful physical effects that can knock out even the most seasoned stoner.

These marijuana seeds aren’t recommended for beginner growers. However, more experienced breeders can enjoy cultivating a gorgeous garden of high-yielding, pest-resistant, and female-only cannabis plants with these Northern Lights autoflower seeds.

Join us as we discover more about this classic cannabis cultivar and learn how to dance with the Aurora Borealis without having to leave the house.

Northern Lights autoflower seeds description

What are Northern Lights autoflower seeds? These weed seeds are an autoflower variant of the famous Northern Lights marijuana strain and have a ruderalis parent.

Thanks to these additional genetics, you don’t have to flip the lights to initiate flowering. Instead, these cannabis plants start to bloom on their own when they reach a certain age.

Northern Lights autoflower seeds are also feminized, which means you don’t need to worry about male plants popping up in your crop.

These cannabis seeds are unsuitable for first-time growers. Mistakes can severely impact the size and quality of your yields due to minimal recovery time. As such, you need some experience under your belt.

Northern Lights autoflower feminized seeds develop into gorgeous ganja plants with a thick coat of sticky resin. They can reach up to four feet tall at maturity, boasting emerald green leaves and purple-hued buds.

This strain is indica-dominant, containing up to 16% THC and less than 2% CBD. After consumption, it takes you on a powerful mental and physical journey that lasts for hours.

You can expect Northern Lights autoflower weed to live up to its popularity. It delivers a light euphoric high coupled with a heavy body stone, making it the perfect strain after a long day.

Due to its intense effects, novice tokers are encouraged to start slow. More experienced users should also proceed with caution, as overconsumption can lead to a total knockout.

Northern Lights autoflower buds emit a sweet and spicy aroma that intensifies upon harvest. Those with a sharp nose can pick up the distinct scents of earth, pine, fruits, and wood.

If you want a taste of this sought-after strain, why not get yourself a pack of Northern Lights auto feminized seeds?

Northern Lights autoflower effects

Northern Lights auto seeds contain approximately 80% indica and 20% ruderalis genetics. As a result, Northern Lights weed delivers long-lasting and potent physical sensations

Although there’s barely a trace of sativa, its high THC content produces psychedelic effects, ensuring you also get a dose of mental stimulation.

After indulging in some Northern Lights auto weed, your trip begins with a light euphoric high that makes you feel calm, clear, and collected.

It lifts your mood, eliminates negativity, and erases mental fogginess. Expect a wave of tranquility to wash over you, plastering a subtle smile on your face for at least an hour or two.

While your mind is soaring among the stars, your body is on its own journey.

A few tokes of Northern Lights autoflower weed instantly eases any aches and pains while wrapping your body in a warm blanket of comfort and relaxation

It can assist with chronic pain, arthritis, anxiety, depression, stress, and muscle spasms symptoms. It also effectively combats insomnia, thanks to its highly sedating qualities.

After consuming Northern Lights auto buds, you start to feel ravenous. Make sure you keep some of your favorite snacks on hand while you savor the soothing sensations.

Only consume Northern Lights autoflower weed towards the end of the day when you don’t have any responsibilities. It causes extreme relaxation and sedation, so it’s not the best choice for productive activities.

If you want to make the most of this strain, use it on the weekend or when you’ve got nothing to do.

A few tokes of Northern Lights autoflower seed’s weed can guarantee a couple of hours of chilled vibes. Indulge in your favorite activities like watching movies, playing games, or hanging out with friends.

Remember to consume in moderation. Overindulging can result in anxiety and paranoia, while common side effects like cottonmouth and dry eyes are also possible.

Northern Lights autoflower flavors

When you get close to Northern Lights autoflower weed, you instantly smell its distinct aroma, consisting of a fragrant blend of sweet and spicy notes.

While these plants grow, their scent is discreet and doesn’t overpower your senses. Instead, it smells fresh and crisp, with a combination of pine, fruits, and earthiness.

After harvest, a stronger aroma appears. It releases a sweet citrus scent coupled with delightful hints of spice, earth, pine, and wood when cured and lit for the first time.

The taste of Northern Lights auto weed also carries through to the flavor, so expect to relish in a double dose of sweet ‘n spicy pot.

How to germinate Northern Lights autoflower seeds

Before you can start growing Northern Lights autoflower feminized seeds, you need to germinate them.

There are numerous germination methods you can use, each with varying pros and cons.

We’ll go through the most common options below, but remember that failing to germinate a few marijuana seeds is unavoidable and happens to even the most professional breeders.

Don’t get discouraged if you get some duds. Whichever way you decide to start your Northern Lights auto seeds, stick to these top tips for optimal results:

  • Maintain temperature between 71–77℉
  • Keep relative humidity between 70–90%
  • Use purified water
  • Opt for a damp (not wet) environment
  • Use fluorescent lights

Here are the three most common germination methods:

The paper towel method

The paper towel method is the most common form of germination among marijuana enthusiasts.

To start your Northern Lights auto feminized seeds this way, you need some paper towels, tweezers, purified water, and a plate.

Wet one paper towel, squeeze out the extra water, and set it on the plate. Using tweezers, place your cannabis seeds an inch apart on top of the paper towel. Gently cover them with another damp paper towel.

Place your Northern Lights autoflower seeds in a warm, dark place and check on them every day to ensure there’s enough moisture.

After three to five days, you should see taproots emerge from your weed seeds. When they reach a quarter of an inch long, you can plant them in their new home, like a pot.

The glass of water method

This method is popular, easy, and inexpensive—but it doesn’t always produce consistent results.

Fill half a glass with water at 71℉ and drop your Northern Lights autoflower seeds inside. If all goes well, you can expect to see taproots sprout within three to five days.

Directly into soil

This method is particularly effective for autoflower seeds, which are more fragile and grow faster than their regular counterparts.

It involves choosing a growing medium, like soil or hydroponics, and planting your Northern Lights auto seeds directly into it.

Soak some high-quality, organic soil in water and add a root stimulator. Once it’s in your pot, dig some holes that are a half-inch deep and gently put your Northern Lights autoflower seeds in separate locations.

Loosely cover them with more soil, but don’t press too hard. Use a spray to water your weed seeds lightly.

Make sure your Northern Lights auto seeds are moist at all times and keep the temperature between 71–77℉. After four to ten days, a taproot should appear.

Northern Lights autoflower seeds grow information

As we mentioned earlier, Northern Lights autoflower seeds aren’t the best choice for first-time cannabis gardeners.

Due to fast growing times and little room for error, any mistakes you make can severely impact the quality and size of your yield.

More knowledgeable growers shouldn’t encounter too many issues. Northern Lights auto feminized seeds produce high-yielding and mostly pest-resistant plants.

These crops also have a 99% chance of being female, resulting in plump buds and no duds.

Northern Lights autoflower seeds take approximately 10–12 weeks from germination to harvest, with flowering starting around the sixth week.

Indoors, you can expect to harvest around 12–16 oz./m², while an outdoor yield can reward you with up to 4 oz. per plant.

Northern Lights autoflower plants flourish inside, outdoors, and in greenhouses. They can handle cooler climates and have a short, sturdy, and bushy stature—making them ideal for small grow rooms or tents.

If you opt for indoor cultivation, follow these Northern Lights autoflower growing tips:

  • Maintain temperatures between 70–80℉
  • Keep relative humidity between 40–50%
  • Use the Sea of Green method to increase yields
  • Trim your plants regularly for adequate light and airflow to the lower foliage

Outdoors, you’ll need to choose a warm, sunny area with a Mediterranean climate for your Northern Lights autoflower plants.

Use organic soil and fertilizer to ensure your crops get the correct nutrients. If you want your buds to boast a deep violet hue, expose them to colder temperatures a few weeks before harvest.

Thanks to their reliable genetics, you can grow Northern Lights autoflower feminized seeds year-round. 

Before you begin cultivating cannabis, remember to check your local marijuana laws. It’s important to stick to the maximum limits and only grow in places that permit it.

Northern Lights autoflower seeds genetics

The original Northern Lights cultivar is a cross between Thai and Afghani landrace strains. It was first bred in the USA during the 1970s by a mysterious breeder known as ‘The Indian.’ 

After the Northern Lights feminized variant was perfected, it was sent to Holland to protect it from America’s war on drugs campaign.

Once the feminized version arrived, breeders quickly got to work, crossing it with ruderalis genetics to produce the popular Northern Lights autoflower seeds.

As such, you get non-photoperiod, female-only marijuana plants 99% of the time—complete with all the mesmerizing effects and flavors of the original Northern Lights strain.

Here’s an overview of the Northern Lights autoflower genetics:

Thai landrace

Northern Lights autoflower
Afghani landrace

Where to buy Northern Lights autoflower seeds

Before growing, buying, or possessing weed, you need to look at your local cannabis laws. If your state allows these things, you can tackle the next objective: finding a reliable supplier of Northern Lights autoflower seeds.

When buying marijuana seeds, you typically have two choices: a local dispensary or an online seed bank.

We recommend opting for the latter if you want convenience coupled with a massive variety of strain options.

By choosing to buy your Northern Lights auto seeds from an online seed bank, you can benefit from the following:

  • 24/7 customer support
  • Fast, safe, and discreet deliveries
  • Easy payment options
  • Germination guarantees on all cannabis seeds
  • Real customer reviews on marijuana products
  • An online community forum with educational resources, growing tips and tricks, and a place to engage with other cannabis cultivators and enthusiasts
  • A wide selection of top-quality weed seeds
  • Regular promotions on selected marijuana seeds

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Discover the magic with Northern Lights autoflower seeds

Northern Lights autoflower feminized seeds develop into dazzling plants with plump purple buds and delectable flavors. Once harvested, a few tokes of these nugs have you feeling mellow and sleepy while your body delights in pain-free living.

Experienced cultivators find it easy to grow Northern Lights autoflower seeds, but novice growers should first ensure their knowledge is up to scratch.

If you want to become an expert on Northern Lights autoflower seeds, you can click here to learn more about this strain.
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