Name A Star For Your Loved Ones On Star Register

Our beloved ones have a special place in our hearts. They are more important to us than any materialistic thing in the world. Many things exist around us, but the beloved ones play a major role in our lives. Without them, there is no meaning in our life.

Most people are confused about what to give to their loved ones on any special occasion. If you are in such a dilemma, don’t worry; we have a special gift idea. You can name a star in their name, which is the most ultimate gift for your beloved ones in the whole universe.

However, many websites revolve around the whole Internet, claiming to name a star for your loved ones. Most of these websites are fake and scams. Therefore, you should be aware of such websites on the Internet.

If you’re in search of a website, which can legitimately name the stars on the name of your loved ones, then star register is the best option for you. Through their website, you can name a real star on behalf of your loved ones, that too at an affordable price. Moreover, those constellation stars are visible from India, and anyone from the public can search your name through the Star Register Finder.

Star Register has received more than 4.5 stars on the Trustpilot platform, considered the most authentic website review platform. Also, they have partnered with some big names in astronomy like NASA, Harvard Astronomy and Sky Map, which makes them reliable and genuine. After buying and naming a star from Star Register, you can visit their search record database to find the named stars. Also, their search registry is publicly visible to all, which means anyone can find and search your named star from their database.

At this point, most of the readers will be thinking about why we should go with Star Register to name a star, where there are many other websites on the Internet, which offer similar services. Well, there are a lot of reasons for choosing Star Register for naming a star. Some of the reasons are mentioned below-

Name Visible Stars

Star register offers a handful of visible stars to their users, which are visible from most cities, without using any equipment. Every star offered in their programme is associated with zodiacs or constellations signs. Also, they don’t charge anything extra from their users for the stars associated with zodiac or constellation signs.

When you purchase and name a star from their website, your name will be associated with that star and stored in the star register database. Also, they make sure that your name will be stored forever in their database. Anyone can search your name through the registry on the website or through their app.

Get Additional Perks

Purchasing and naming a star doesn’t limit your services to associating your name with a star only. There are additional services like luxury gift packages etc. All of their digital gift items come with luxurious gift items. If you opt for the “Print & Ship” option, you will receive a physical gift ( of high quality) from their side. That gift includes a gold-framed certificate, a presentation folder and a photo of the star ( associated with your name).

Fast Delivery

Star register all of their orders within an hour after receiving them. This means, nearly all of the customers will receive their orders within 48 hours. Customers will be receiving their order through the mail, which contains detailed information about the star and other related information.

If any customer opted for the Print and Ship option while naming a star, the printed certificate, presentation and information about the stars would be processed and shipped to your address within 3 to 5 days. Star register has partnered with companies like delivery giants like FedEx and DHL to deliver their products around the globe.


Most people have the desire that the star should be associated with their name forever. But what ensures that the star will be associated forever? Star register uses the most innovative technology in the world to keep themselves and their users up to date. All the Star registers are verified and backed by Ethereum Blockchain using an NFT (Non-Fungible Token). In simple terms, all the gifts delivered by the Star register are associated with the NFT address, which is specifically assigned to your star. For offering this service, no additional charge is taken by the Star register. Moreover, the value of your star may grow in future.

Supporting To Create A Better World

With naming a star through Star register, you are supporting-

A Carbon Neutral Earth– Every year, the star register offsets the carbon emissions from their company from manufacturing, making them a zero-carbon company.

Sustainability: Star register uses recycled materials to generate their gift items and presentations, saving a lot of forest.

American Astronomical Society: For each other they receive, they donate an amount from it to the American Astronomical Society, in honour of your name. Through this, you will be able to contribute to enhancing human scientific research.


If you are planning to give a beautiful gift to your loved ones on any special occasion, then nothing can be better than naming a star on their name through the Star register. Star register has categorized its services into Deluxe Nova Kit, SuperNova Star Kit, and Twin Star Kit. Each of the gifts has its perks.

Moreover, you will receive a customized certificate from their side, including a personal message, star name and star coordinates. Each order placed by the user has been verified astronomically, along with including the coordinate. Through coordination, you can easily find your named star in space. Also, you can opt for their upgraded plan, which includes a photo of the star along with a printed star certificate.

Star register is the most reliable and trustable star naming company on the web, operating for 30 years. You can blindly trust them to name a star in the name of your beloved ones. For more information regarding their services, kindly visit them.