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Mostbet is a reputable bookmaker with a great range of sports betting. You can bet live on hundreds of events at maximum odds. 

What is profitable in live betting at Mostbet?

To win at Mostbet live mode, you do not need to be a professional poker player. You can profit from betting on different events. Among them are games with multiple periods. Football, basketball, tennis, and hockey – in these sports there are several game periods, and many events to bet on. Betting on the selected sports is always profitable.

In popular sports, there is an opportunity to bet while watching the action in real-time. These are live bets. With them, the player books coupons, assessing the current situation on the field of play. The live betting odds are lower than when selecting offline coupons. But it is easier to win if you use specific strategies.

Working strategies for live betting

The live mode invites players to bet on events that are taking place at the moment. Long games are usually chosen for betting: football, basketball, tennis, and hockey, with several game periods.

To win with live betting at Mostbet, you need to choose a strategy. There are several working strategies:

  • Odds-on. This is also known as underdog betting. The strategy consists of the player betting on the underdog’s victory in one part of the match. For example, a quarter in basketball. Catch-up betting is only relevant when the teams meet with a clear favorite in control of the game. If the favorite needs to win simply by winning, overtaking bets should be used. In one of the periods of the match the favorite can relax and temporarily let the underdog take the initiative.
  • Total. Represents a bet on the difference in the result. Usually used in basketball or football matches. The point is to guess with what difference the outcome will end. It is advisable to choose matches with opponents of different levels to make the best work. It can be the best team of the season or a newcomer.
  • Late scoring. A bet on matches where one of the teams needs a result. For instance, a win with a certain goal difference. If the team does not score the desired result, the winning goal will probably be scored late in the match.

When choosing a strategy it must be remembered that there is no such thing as a 100% winning result. But if a player is lucky, Mostbet will always pay out a winning bet.

What are the advantages of accumulator betting 

At Mostbet, it is possible to bet on several events at the same time. These bets are called accumulator bets. The number of accumulator bets per bet depends on the player. But to increase your chances, you should not use more than 5 outcomes in one bet.

The advantage of accumulator bets is that the odds are added together. This allows you to win more than if the player were to bet by individual coupons. But there is also a disadvantage – all the events included in one bet must be successfully predicted. If at least one market loses, the player gets nothing.

Mostbet offers its players an alternative: insurance. Bettors can ensure the result. Not everything is insured, but only one unsuccessful event. Additional condition – the number of events in the bet must be more than 6. Otherwise, the insurance cannot be taken out.

The advantage of insurance is that it is possible not to lose money if 1 event out of 6 did not work. But in the case of winning, the Mostbet bettor will get less. If 1 outcome fails in an insured slip, the bet is fully refunded to the player’s account. In case of a win, the money is credited to the account, but with reduced odds.