Most Common Mistakes when Choosing a Perfume

It is rare to find someone who does not use, on a regular basis or in special situations, a good perfume to finish off their look. There are people who have dozens of bottles with different fragrances and decide which one to use according to their mood, the place they go or what they want to convey.

But do we really know how to choose the ideal cologne for each moment and person? There are a lot of mistakes when choosing the right perfume that you probably don’t know about or haven’t even considered.

If you want to know how to choose the right perfume and refine your selection of common fragrances more and more then you can shop for cologne, as well continue reading these tips that we have prepared for you.

Think about your Skin

Believe it or not, the first question you should ask yourself when thinking about how to choose perfume is alien to the fragrance itself and is more related to the characteristics of the skin of the person who is going to use it.

Do you know the pH of your skin? It is a tissue that is under the outermost layer of our body and that can be more or less acidic. This variability of acidity will react to the perfume that we put on it and will cause the fragrance to vary.

It is therefore important to know what type of pH your body has and how it reacts to the essences, so that you can choose olfactory families that are less affected and thus keep the aroma of the bottle on you as fully as possible. In this way you will know how to choose perfume based on your skin type.

For what Occasion?

The other important variable to answer the question of how to choose the right perfume is ‘what for?’. With this we mean that you should think very especially about what uses you are going to give to the chosen essence.

As you can imagine, it will not be the same to acquire a cologne for day to day -where we will opt for more discreet options- than to buy it thinking about the New Year’s Eve party, at which time we will recommend you to use something with more personality and that transmits sensuality, elegance.

Buying a perfume is not just choosing the essence that you like the most and getting it without further thought. If you want to be a person who stands out for choosing the best fragrances for the best occasions, the ideal is that you follow these tips that we have offered you.