MIS Webmail: The Ultimate Guide

MIS Webmail: The Ultimate Guide



A decade or two ago it was such that the students used to make huge efforts to collect the relevant information and spend their time searching books in the library, reading articles and sometimes they wouldn't end up in the right place.

So when it comes to online learning systems, the managed internet service webmail, originally from Australia, has turned out to be quite potent. The platform started in Queensland for the students to gain access to education without paying anything. The webmail is more than just the school and University curriculum. Now it is becoming the preference for online classes.

Setting up the account

  • First of all, you will have to open the link https://oslp.eq.edu.au/.
  • Just go with filling in the username and password, mobile phone number. If you don't remember it, you can log in with the existing Google or a Microsoft account. It can help in the selection of login as a business using the existing Australian business account. If preferred, you can also register the new QGov account and do that by clicking on the login with QGov account option.
  • Setting up the new account is easy. Pay attention to agreeing with the terms and conditions.
  • Then click on continue for finalizing the customer registration. The customers will always require the confirmation code. The portal will be sending this to the customer's email address.
  • You will have to cut and paste the code from the email into the box and then click on continue. This will be confirming that the customer's email address is correct, and then you can go ahead with browsing on the account.

RESET your LUI (Learner Unique Identifier) password

1. Enter your 10-digit Learner Unique Identifier (LUI) and initial right Password. It can help to log in to a learning account. 

2. Initial Password for the students is in the DIMM format.

3. Logging into the learning account and recovering forgotten passwords and/or LUI requires opening a webpage https://account.qld.gov.au/maintenance/forgottenpassword.html. 

4. Check two ways to recover: using Mail and using SMS. Select anyone.

5. Change your passwords according to your convenience.

The way you will have to login 

•First of all, you will have to visit the URL https://oslp.eq.edu.au/ 

•Then, you will get the log-in box. You will have to add the login with email and password, and with that, you can get started. But in case you're facing any issue, then you will have to take the official support, and they will give you the right method for getting access to it 

The goal of the webmail 

The EQ webmail serves the purpose of providing quality education without any cost. It works the enhance the skill set of the people who are looking to seek education. For that, it can also give you a handful of tools with ample data options for providing the students with the tutorials and the knowledge. 

The webmail can assist small-scale businesses. It will also help in knowing how the government of Australia can ensure quality education and can allow the students to take advantage of the options for setting up their businesses.

The method by which the webmail works 

As a system, MIS webmail was made to provide convenience to the people. The setup is also very simple and straightforward. You can rest assured that there won't be any chances of problems and complications when you are going with it. 

It is pretty similar and is easy to send an email. Once you are getting the unique email id from the school management, you can just go with it. Students are also required to keep the email safe, and they can rely on the information available here. It is ideal for keeping the details noted down somewhere so that they don't have to miss it.

Highlight on the EQ webmail  

Queensland state government department had extensively administered and funded the state education system referred to as education Queensland webmail. It is free to attend and is open for all the residents, and is responsible for training and the arts. There are extra fees for the additional goods and services like participation in the sports carnivals, textbooks, school photos, and magazines. But the primary goal is the education of the students for free.

Final words

Reputable institutes and authorities have been developing portals for leveraging technology to improve the system of education. In this regard, MIS webmail has helped move ahead of the conventional regular classes while fostering developments in education.


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