Melaleuca Products Are Not Only Exceptional—They’re Also Affordable

High-quality products with natural-based ingredients generally have one thing in common—they’re expensive. So how can Melaleuca Products be both exceptional and affordable? It all comes down to Melaleuca’s unique way of developing and selling their beloved wellness products. 

Melaleuca is the manufacturer and the store

Since the mid 1980s, Melaleuca has been a pioneer in the field of wellness products, developing exclusive products and selling them directly to customers. By cutting out retailers and advertisers, this privately held company can invest in higher quality products. 

When you buy a national brand at the local store, 63% of the price you pay adds no value to the product. More than half of the price you pay goes toward marketing, advertising, shipping, and retail distribution. 

Melaleuca operates as both manufacturer and the store. Customers order directly from the warehouse and products are delivered right to their door. This saves massive amounts of money on storage, retail distribution, and middlemen. Surprisingly, Melaleuca does not advertise its products. It relies solely on word-of-mouth recommendations from its happy customers. All the money saved on advertising and retail distribution is invested in higher quality ingredients and innovative research while keeping costs comparable to major grocery store brands. 

Products Worth Sharing

Because Melaleuca relies on word-of-mouth advertising, Melaleuca products must be worth talking about! It’s a high bar for the Idaho-based company but one they’ve been able to reach for over three decades. 

Check out these favorite products that customers can’t stop talking about: 

The Peak Performance Total Health Pack Optimized for full-body health, the nutrients in clinically proven Peak Performance Total Health supplements have been shown to reduce free radicals and offer targeted nutrition to support heart health, metabolic health, and cellular health. 

MelaPower® 9x Laundry Detergent uses plant enzymes that remove stains with the precision of a surgeon rather than brute chemical force that can also damage fabrics. Proprietary Rinse Guard™ technology encapsulates and gently lifts stains so that they can be washed away instead of being redeposited on your clothes. 

FiberWise Drink This nutritional drink contains a unique blend of multiple fiber sources along with vitamins, antioxidants, soothing herbs, and probiotics that provides a broad spectrum of full-body benefits. 

Sol-U-Guard Botanical® Disinfectant This unique disinfectant ingredients like thyme oil and citric acid to kill 99.9% of germs without harmful chlorine bleach. Food-safe ingredients make it safe to use on food surfaces, so it’s the ideal disinfectant to use around your family without having to worry about caustic chemicals.

Renew Intensive Skin Therapy In two clinical studies, Renew Lotion outperformed and outlasted the leading national brand by providing more immediate and longer-lasting relief. 

Access Exercise Bar Using exclusive fat-burning and endurance-enhancing technology, Access lets you maximize your weight loss potential by jumpstarting your body’s fat-burning process. 

Florify Daily Probiotic Each dose contains 11 billion active cultures and 9 diverse probiotic strains to effectively target different parts of the digestive tract to provide your body with better health, improved nutrient absorption, and immune support

Sei Bella Vitamin C Defense and Repair Serum A potent age-defying serum featuring seven powerful botanicals like tremella mushroom, broccoli extract, plankton, vitamin E, and an advanced form of shelf-stable vitamin C to bring you a bright and even skin tone. 

Melaleuca offers over 400 unique health and wellness products in eight broad categories: 

  • Home cleaning and laundry
  • Superior supplementation
  • Fitness, nutrition, and weight loss
  • Personal care 
  • Premium skin care, hair care, and cosmetics, 
  • Medicines and treatments
  • Healthy snacking
  • Essential oils 

Thanks to Melaleuca’s unique business model, excellence is always effective and always affordable. Learn more about Melaleuca Products here and read the company’s recent news.