Major football championships

If you are interested in interactive online football betting, it is important to have an idea about the biggest championships and tournaments. It is these events that the press and analysts constantly talk about, they are talked about in the news, and they are accompanied by the most statistics. The last point is especially important, as it will simplify the preparation for the upcoming matches.

All club football tournaments can be divided into two large categories – national and international. Let’s start with the first group:

English Premier League. Clubs from the Foggy Albion are extremely active in the transfer market, so at the start of each new season, this competition has the highest concentration of strong players. The tournament is highly dynamic, spectacular, and in some cases unpredictable: the underdog can always prevail over the favorite. Top clubs include Manchester United, Manchester City, Arsenal, Liverpool and Chelsea;

Spanish Primera (La Liga). Despite the fact that Messi and Ronaldo, the strongest players on the planet, play here, the level of interest in the Spanish Example is slightly lower than in the English Championship. The main reason is the lack of competition. The leading teams are Barcelona and Real Madrid, although lately Atlético have been pushing them hard;

German Bundesliga. For four seasons in a row, Bayern Munich has remained the undisputed leader of the championship, but fierce battles are observed in the pursuit of second place. The Bundesliga is a competitive and exciting championship, although in terms of technicality it is inferior to the two competitions listed above;

Italian Serie A. The Apennines are overflowing with powerful clubs: every year about six teams claim the honorable first place, including Napoli, Juventus, Roma, Inter, Milan and Fiorentina. Due to the high competition, “derbies” are often found here – confrontations between inveterate enemies, usually from the same city or region. In such matches, the Italians put forth maximum effort, fighting exclusively for victory. The disadvantage of the championship is that some teams tend to score a goal and go on the defensive, which negates the spectacle of the game at the bookmaker Mostbet uz yuklab olish;

French Ligue 1. Since the 2012/2013 season, the top places in the French championship have been occupied by PSG, Monaco and Olympique Lyon. It is these clubs that demonstrate exciting football: often other matches within the competition do not shine with performance, and against the backdrop of weak competition, they do not attract much attention.

In addition to the above championships, we also recommend paying attention to the Russian Premier League, the Ukrainian Premier League, the Dutch Eredivisie and the Portuguese Primeira. Now let’s move on to the most prestigious international club tournaments. There are only two of them:

UEFA Champions League. The name easily explains the essence of the competition – within the framework of the tournament, the best of the best, the strongest teams of the European championships meet. Each match attracts the attention of millions of fans, including bettors. Champions League matches are characterized by the widest painting, which creates a lot of opportunities for betting;

UEFA Europa League. The second most important European tournament. It is attended by teams that have taken certain places according to the results of the national championships based on the rating from UEFA. The level of the game is significantly lower compared to the previous tournament: this is mainly due to the large number of teams from weaker divisions.

Everything is clear with the clubs: they fight within the national championships, and if they occupy high positions in the standings, they get into international ones. There is also the concept of “team” – this is a team consisting of players of the same nationality. These players can play for different clubs, but in international matches they unite and fight against other teams. There are four main tournaments in which national teams play:

World Championship. The competition takes place every four years in the territory of a particular country. Russia will host the 2018 FIFA World Cup and Qatar will host the 2022 FIFA World Cup. About 200 teams compete for the right to compete for the World Cup, but only 32 of the best teams will make it to the finals;

Europe championship. By analogy with the previous competition, the European Championship is held every four years. The current champion is Portugal. As part of the competition, 24 of the strongest European teams meet;

America’s Cup. Tournament in which the countries of South and North America compete. The next draw will be hosted by Brazil in 2019;Africa Cup of Nations. Teams from Africa also show a serious level of football – the whole world follows the Continental Cup every 2 years. In 2019, the competition will be held in Cameroon, the home of the reigning champion.