Lost Ark Farming – How to Farm Gold?

Whether it is a game or real life, it is all about money, and everyone is running behind it. Having a large sum in the account is the ultimate life goal of most people but making it possible requires much more than just daydreaming. When it comes to Lost Ark, the situation is almost the same. 

Players need Lost Ark gold to buy items from the market or upgrade existing items in their bags. The game provides players with many methods and events, including Chaos dungeon, merchant ships daily and weekly quests, and other quests to make Gold. If these events don’t provide you with enough Gold, you have the option to buy Lost Ark gold from the cash shop in Lost Ark.

More Gold in Lost Ark means buying more items and higher-level items to craft some of the best weapons and armor pieces. Gold is crucial for the customization of your main and side characters. Silver is the second currency in Lost Ark, but Gold is rare, meaning you will have to work hard. 

It is better to start working from day one and collect enough Gold to go to the auction center and buy your favorite weapon at the best price. Below are some of the best tips to make Gold in Lost Ark while enjoying the true MMORPG experience, but first, why Gold is so important. 

Why is Gold Important?

The fact that you don’t have to grind for anything else if you have enough Gold will give you a better understanding of how important Gold is in Lost Ark. Gold is the official currency of the auction house, and you need a lot of Gold as items are expensive there. 

From time to time, the game features deals on certain items at the auction house, but they are temporarily and only on a handful of items. Don’t rush to buy everything in the auction house as you need Gold to upgrade your weapons, so spend accordingly. 

Ways to get Gold in lost Ark

There is more than one way to get Gold in Lost Ark, and each requires a different approach. Some of these options are for beginners and new players to give them the same chance, while others are for pro players. The biggest difference between these methods is the time you need to complete the quest. Below are some of the best ways to get Gold in Lost Ark and a complete guide to complete each task. 

 Complete dungeons 

Dungeons are the first thing you will complete for Gold and other rewards. There are two types of dungeons in Lost Ark, and each features different rewards. The normal dungeon will drop armor and consumable items such as potions. Paid dungeons are difficult, but you will receive combat books by defeating them, and you can sell them at the auction house for a good price.  

Craft and sell items 

This is an old-fashioned way, and this takes the most time among all the other methods of getting Gold in this guide. You need to gather raw material first, or you can buy it with silver coins. Take them to a crafting place and craft items to sell in the market at a high price. 

Check the auction house from time to time to check the demand for items and craft items that are high in demand for a better price. Instead of wasting those extra resources in your bag, you will utilize them to get some gold coins.  

Go on voyage missions

Lost Ark also comes up with voyage missions that are available near the ports on the world map. You can take your friends on these missions by scheduling them whenever you want. These voyage missions usually feature mini-games that reward pirate coins and other currencies. 

 Complete these missions, again and again, to get your hands on the special key which will open your door towards the gateway. These gateways also feature rewards that you can sell for Gold in the market. These rewards can be sold at the right price in the auction house.

Help players with your skills

This method is also referred to as selling your skills, especially if you have a high-level character with the best weapons and armor. You can get money from beginners and new players to help them complete difficult quests. They will send you the Gold in the message after you complete a dungeon with them. 

Use Una tokens

Complete all the events in lost Ark right on time and log in to the game daily to receive Una tokens. There is a bar that will fill as you progress through the game and will reward you with gold caskets in the end. Go to a merchant of Gold and exchange these caskets for gold coins.  

Go to the tower

The tower is yet another dungeon in lost Ark, which requires your attention from time to time. You can get more stuff than you can imagine from the tower. The best rewards are available at the 50th level of the tower, and you need to climb the tower step by step. Difficulty increases as you pass through each tower level, and you will have the highest bosses at level fifty.  

Buy Gold

Although these gold-making methods require no money or a small amount, in some cases, they require a lot of grinding. Suppose you want to avoid all the grinding and get enough Gold to meet your needs. You can buy it from bundles in lost Ark. MMOPIXEL provides you with lost Ark gold at the best rates so you can accomplish all tasks.