Live22 an Unforgettable Experience for Life

Are you into betting or casino games, then live22 is the best option for you; give it a try? Live22 is an online casino game company in Myanmar, established in 2016. This company will provide you with a wide range of online gaming categories that you can enjoy and have the best time of your life without skimping on the quality. There are several categories from which you can choose. Some of them are live casinos, slot games, fishing bets, arcades, and many more. All the games are equally popular. In 2019 live22 has about more than 600000 active users.

What do live22 offers?

Live22 was designed and engineered keeping in mind that we can meet the rising market demand with this latest online entertainment product. The company takes feedback regularly; then, the company tries to fulfill all their requests so that the game remains for all the players, be it seasonal or novice players. Live22 provides its users with unlimited entertainment of online casinos. Live22 can be said as a brand that holds a repertoire of slot games; it is one of the most reputed and trusted online casino gaming agents.

As already mentioned, it has several categories of games, these games are high-speed technology that does not need your maintenance. This game is downloadable and can also without a download. The credits for the continuous growth of Live22 can be attributed to the latest functions introduced that provide the most accessible operations. Some of the parts are top game display, daily active tournaments, favorites, etc. One of the other attractions of these tournaments is the excellent winning prices they offer. Another big reason for the growth is the service Myanmar provides; it is said to be the most secure platform for all these games with the best services and endless amusement. Live22 also gives you an option to view the best live table games with live streaming videos from the best casinos of Los Angeles.

World-class online slot games

Live22 is worldwide known for its outstanding and classic online slot games. This provides you with many slot games, from Highway king slot to fortune dance or any other slot game that you can name. It has excellent graphics, significant sound effects, the frequency of winning is also very high as compared to others. It has many other slot types; some of them are jackpot slot, traditional slot, cascading reels, etc. The reason for the increase in the frequency of winning is the greater volatility of the slots. Professional engineers develop all the games, its slot games or casino, with zero error. It provides top-graded quality videos of slots to the users.

The best way to check your luck is to give it a try and engage in the super lucrative tournaments that also guarantee amazing winning offers. The return to player (RTP) of Live22 is very high, and so is the frequency of winning the games. There is also an option where you can easily give your luck a chance-free of costs; it provides you with over 30 free spins. Live22 has the world’s largest slot payout that is around multiplier *1500 times. After winning a jackpot, you can see the multi-millionaire win cash that will be displayed on your progressive jackpot.

Live casino games

Apart from playing these fantastic slot games, Live22 also provides you with a live casino game. This trend of playing live dealer betting games online has become quite popular; lately, Live22 being at the top. It has the smoothest and unique gaming software that will provide you with the best all-around experience in the world of online betting and gambling. It is led by the world’s leading game provider Evolution Gaming, with the help of which Live22 brings its users a wide selection of fantastic table games in the engaging casino environment.

 The dealers are from La Vegas, and more than ten incredible table games await you in Live22. You can play these games in a very relaxing environment that will surely enhance your gaming environment and have excessive fun along with winning amazing offers. In this online casino game, you can play online Roulette, which has over more than five versions that are live baccarat, poker, blackjack, etc. With the help of amazing live dealers, you will have the best experience of your life, isn’t what gaming is all about? You will have the same adventure, thrill, and excitement that you might have experienced at a casino ever, that to all this at your comfort zone, at your home what else do you need?

Arcade games more fun 

Live22 has the most fun arcade game ever established. This is the best game that you play if you are looking for games that have more involvement of the users. It has an RNG system that ensures fair play, more fun, and even more exciting winning offers for its users. In this section of arcade games, you will come across amazing games like car racing, fowl & beast, monkey king, dice lab, and many more. The latest fun game that has been added to the series of the arcade game is Angpow rain, which has an alluring background of god throwing an angpow in the air. In this game, you just have to catch any five random envelopes that are thrown down and open them. You can expect a maximum odd of *10 for a red envelope and as more as *50 for a gold envelope. You will win a free bonus if you get three identical symbols. This is the biggest target and wins for all the players. In this all the envelope will turn gold thus increases your win by many folds.

Live22 account

Now, after knowing all these things, you must want to play these games, right? For playing these games, you just have to create your account on Live22 by filling in all the necessary details like full name and phone number. The only thing that should be noted here is that one should be of the legal age of Myanmar to create an account. Within 20 minutes, your account will be made, and you can enjoy your games.


All these games are unique and designed so that one will never get bored with them. You also don’t need to afraid of your privacy as it is the most trusted company for these sorts of games and is very much legal. So, without thinking much, go and create your account on Live22 so that you can have this fantastic experience of casino and gambling right from the comfort of your home.

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