Let’s debunk the top myths related to bralettes

If you are a woman then the chances of having a collection of bras in your wardrobe are 98%. This is the case with women everywhere but a new innerwear emergence or we can say the resurfacing of an old discovery has started shaping the bra game in a completely new way and they are being called bralettes. 

Even if you shop only once or twice a year, you must have heard about bralettes as they are all over the market. They are not a fad like micromini skirts or dress-over jeans because, by the look of things, it seems like they are here to exist for a very long period. 

You can call bralettes a perfect amalgamation of crop tops and bras and that’s why they offer the best of both worlds. The fewer structures, lightweight category, extra comfort, and the ability to be worn as a standalone top have succumbed women to accept it with alacrity. 

But just like the popularity of anything, even bralettes have been surrounded by myths that must be debunked and that’s what we are going to do in this blog post. 

Bralettes are notorious for causing sagging

Many women still haven’t shifted to a backless bralette or a normal bralette because they think it will result in sagging. There is not even a single piece of evidence out there that can prove breast sagging is a result of wearing bralettes for a long time. Just like there is no proof that wearing a bra for an entire day can prevent breast sagging. 

No one is denying that breast sagging is something very uncomfortable but this doesn’t mean you should give up on an opportunity to enjoy the comfort and relaxed fit all day long by not choosing bralettes. Try it for once and you will fall in love with it. 

Bralettes are confined to lounging only

A backless bralette can turn out to be the most versatile addition to your wardrobe since it goes along with many outfits and it is a great option for both lounging and outings. Bralettes are considered an ideal option for outings as well since they look impeccable peeking out from underneath strappy vest tops and claims. 

Ever since the introduction of bralettes, many new types, designs, materials, and colors of bralettes have made their way to the local apparel shops and online stores. So, you won’t have to struggle while scouring the options in the backless bralette realm as there is an ideal bralette waiting in the market for every kind of woman. 

Bralettes are not popular for offering great support

It’s the worst myth roaming in the minds of women who have never tried bralettes before. Bralettes offer great support and you get the same confidence you get while wearing bras and it even levels up the experience of wearing innerwear. 

On the basis of your cup size and style, bralettes can offer a feeling of great safety and security just like you get in the case of a traditional bra. But since the structure is less in the case of bralettes, the level of comfort offered by them is obviously far better than a normal bra. 

Bralettes are not an ideal choice for women with a bigger cup size

Many women shy away from trying a padded bralette because they think their bigger cup size will make them look miserable in bralettes but that’s definitely not the case here. All the women with bigger cup sizes can easily find the right size of bralette and they will look great in them. 

You will be surprised to know that there are even specially designed bralettes for plus-size women with bigger cup sizes and they look exceptionally well. The bralette even aids in enhancing both the form and the figure. So, instead of avoiding bralettes just because of your bigger cup size misconception, you need to give it a try. 

Bralettes need to be kept completely hidden

Unlike bras that are always kept hidden underneath the top, a padded bralette is meant to be flaunted in the most fashionable way possible. There are many types of bralettes in the market that can be worn as a stand-alone top as well and that’s what makes them highly versatile. 

So, instead of just using bralettes as innerwear, you can use them as a part of your layering strategy. Just be mindful about the size, shape, and color you choose since the market of bralettes is inundated with options and it will keep you enthralled. 

Myths come as an add-on with popularity and the same thing has happened with bralettes. This perfect amalgamation of crop top and bra is so comfortable, stylish, supportive, and lightweight that the epiphany that they are your biggest discoveries will take just a single trial. So, scour the internet and find a perfect bralette to add a new spark to your innerwear collection.