Led Video Wall in the entertainment industry

Lighting with Led Wall is a small big world that extends gaming life to another level. LED Screens propose to simplify the essentials in the process and enrich the viewer’s experience to keep them coming back for more.

Within corporate events, casinos, theme parks, museums, cinemas or even in a room, audiovisual technology has become indispensable in all respects for the entertainment industry. Digital surfaces and interactive displays are constantly being renewed to provide a variety of exciting and innovative ideas to motivate and inspire all users and gamers.

Led video walls are fundamental in Video games events

For any presentation at the most prominent video games event in the world, LED Video Wall is a unique opportunity to display your prototypes and to see the reaction of your players first-hand.

In short, all the capitals of the world have a trade show or event related to video games, therefore, only those that are considered most important will be named.

  • GDC (Game Developers Conference) in San Francisco (California).
  • E3 (Electronic Entertainment Expo) in Los Angeles.
  • GamesCom in Cologne (Germany)
  • EVO (Evo Championship Series) in Las Vegas (Nevada).
  • BlizzCon in Anaheim, California.
  • PlayStation Experience in Anaheim (California).
  • Tokyo Game Show in Tokyo (Japan).
  • G-Star in Busan (Korea).

Where the main companies in the sector such as Nintendo, Sony, EA, Activision or Microsoft, take advantage of those days to introduce their new productions through new and renewed presentations on their panels. Making gamers have an unbeatable feeling of being part of the game and enjoying the competition.

Movies and the use of led video wall in recording and playback

Currently all cinemas have Led screen services to replace the classic cinema screen that played movies from a projector.

The LEDs replaced this chroma service and transformed it in order to create an unbeatable vision of the film using more impressive visual effects.

It involved a change of the image being added by a computer to the new generation of image by light simultaneously with the recording of the scene.

This is how Led Wall renews the visual effects in each premiere and in each reproduction.

An example of this is how it happens with the Led technologies that Disney uses for its new series inspired by the world of Star Wars where special effects are essential and each panel is adapted to an ideal format so that the image is realistic.

Along with other series that Disney + broadcasts, you can see the great change that Led panels produce at every moment, offering high definition in full color.

Another great utility of LED Wall screens is that they can record and project at the same time. In addition to emitting images by themselves through the combination of light and color diodes without the need for a projector.

On stage, LED video walls are the main star

The background of the stage is mainly used in conferences, forums, exhibitions, stage performances, TV stations, wedding events, bars, KTV and other places. For live streaming, the performance’s large and clear livestream screen breaks the seating limitation, makes it easy to view the performance from a distance, and provides people with an immersive audiovisual feast. Highlights, slow-motion playback, close-ups, and creating a special background environment bring the artistic conception of the performance into play. The perfect combination of realistic images and powerful music creates a magnificent and modern scene.

Differences between the Led Screen and other technologies

Led Screen panels have a great adaptability to each space and format since they all have an easy installation service (light, with simple tools without the need for prior technical training at the time of assembly and disassembly)

In addition, there are six fundamental reasons when choosing the insertion of the LED Screen that make them more efficient;

  1. Retrench of space: Until now, it was observed that cinemas needed a projection booth where the projector was located for the output of the film.

With the installation of a led screen either in the movie theater, corporate events or TV, it is the screen itself that, through its light-emitting diodes, emits the content and generates the images. This allows more space in the room for the placement of seats.

  1. Exceptional image quality: The second advantage of a led screen when it comes to image projection is its visual quality. Digital panels reproduce images through reflective liquid crystals that open and close reflecting or blocking the light source.
  1. Reduction of light pollution: The fact that the light is emitted from the screen itself, allows a greater reliability of the color, especially the black ones, and a considerable reduction in light pollution within each place.
  1. The new way of holding events: With Led screens, a new world of possibilities opens up in each reproduction. Since led technology does not lose color quality with ambient light, acts could be created in movie theaters, live broadcasts, shows, concerts, etc.
  1. A visual experience: The image quality of the LED screens, together with the contrast, sharpness and brightness, create a visual environment that leads to an experience for the user. 
  1. Pirate-proof screens (for the cinema):This type of LED screens emit light with each diode, which means that the image quality is exceptional to the human eye, but when the screen is recorded, if it is not done with a professional support, the result will not be as expected. Producing unexpected brightness and emitting the refreshment that the human eye cannot see.

Benefits of buying from US-based companies

A company located in the USA, allows the customer to make the entire sales and after-sales process more efficient. From the moment the Led screen is purchased or rented until it is put into operation. Led Nation is a company dedicated to the sale and rental of Led Wall Screen in the USA. Acquiring a complete Key-Solution package, which begins with the inquiry about the services and products offered subject to availability. Adjusting to the needs and tastes of each client, who is recommended by our commercial advisors when choosing the best Led screen. Also in the quotation, installation and after-sales technical support, until the end of the service, which is the commissioning of the panels. 

In turn, each installation service is installed at the request of the client, who can customize their panels, along with the transfer and placement of them.

Along with the purchase of the Turn-Key Solution, the after-sales service is also acquired, which includes corrective and preventive maintenance of the panels (if necessary in the event of any damage) as well as the option to buy or rent accessories.