Learn About Medicinal Marijuana And Different Ways To Consume It

A person who consumes marijuana for any purpose would probably provide you with various benefits of consuming it. While some other debate that is a drug with addictive properties. The views of the persons may differ from each other. But it is proven that consuming marijuana also gives you certain benefits that you could not even think of. However, it also depends on the person and the way he or she consumes it.  There are several ways people use these drugs like how stoner patch is packaged in the market today.

Earlier it is challenging to buy or online weed store Canada as it is not a product that we can order like many other edibles. It was illegal in some parts of the world; even today, it is not legal worldwide. In India, central government laws that deal with marijuana or weeds are Narcotic Drugs and Psychotropic Substances Act (NDPS), 1958. But still, every state has its own laws regarding possession, consumption, or sale and purchase of weeds.

Cannabis – Marijuana oil extracts in jars and leaves for treatment.

The Narcotic Drugs and Psychotropic Substances (NDPS) prohibit the sale and production of cannabis resins and flowers. If caught in possession or dealing in the marijuana plant, any person may be directly arrested, and strict action is taken against him according to the laws. But seeds of the cannabis plant are permitted, and the state can form laws and rules for it.

But now, it is made quite possible than earlier times to purchase an online weed store Canada and online dispensary CanadaThere is a number of platforms we can order it online by sending mail. The seller provides you a doorstep service and makes them available at your home place. There is no need to roam around the market to check its availability; you can place an order online and get it at your place.

What is medicinal marijuana?

Marijuana is a natural product that is extracted from a plant called cannabis. When cannabis flowers are harvested and dried, you will find a common drug called ganja or weed. Cannabis is a mixture of three plants named Cannabis Ruderalis, Cannabis Indica, and Cannabis Sativa.

Medicinal marijuana is nothing but using marijuana plants for medicinal purposes like treating diseases and suffering. This plant contains hundreds of chemical compounds called cannabinoids, which have different effects on each body part. It is used to cure several diseases like chronic pain, inflammation, muscle spasticity, nausea, multiple sclerosis symptoms, and many more. Even it helps to lower the side effects of cancer that is low appetite. It can even be beneficial for certain types of cancer treatment. The cannabis plant is used for centuries until 1900 to treat several health-related diseases. Moreover, it also benefits our mind to give proper relaxation and peace. 

Are you bored with smoking cigarettes? Want to know the other ways of consuming marijuana? If yes, this article proves to be very beneficial for you; it covers the various ways of consuming marijuana. If you are a beginner, it also guides you about the process and effects of marijuana on our bodies and minds.

Now let’s discuss the various ways of consuming marijuana. People think that only smoking is the way to consume it, but there are many other ways by which we can consume it and enjoy the thrills.

Different ways of consuming marijuana

Oral ingestion

If you didn’t take it earlier, it is advisable not to consume it directly in the natural form. You can start taking it by mixing it well in some food items or beverages. You can add it to food items while cooking or baking. You can add it to beverages like soda and beer or brew it in tea or coffee. Those who prefer to take high marijuana can use marijuana extracts and concentrates. You can even use Marijuana-infused oil in cooking food items rather than any other oil.

Marijuana tinctures

Tinctures are a liquid form of marijuana; it is directly extracted from the cannabis plant. You can mix it with alcohol to make a perfect tincture. Some people directly place a few droplets on the tongue, and it gets absorbed into the bloodstream. But it is high in concentration, so that it can cause a psychotic effect. 


It is the most common way used by people to consume cannabis or marijuana. To consume it like a cigarette, you can use rolling paper to roll it and smoke. It can also be smoked in a blunt, a cigar. While putting it in a cigar, you can mix marijuana and tobacco well if you want to take high doses or fill it with marijuana. You can also smoke it in a pipe.


It is the new method opted by youngsters to consume marijuana differently. In this method, marijuana is heated to a point just below the combustion and inhaled in vapors. This method has opted because if we inhale marijuana in vapors, it produces less smell than smoking.

Topical method

In this method, marijuana oil is used, which is extracted from the flowers of the cannabis plant. Topical oil does not produce a high, so it is used for medicinal purposes as well. This oil is used to relieve soreness and muscle pain.

Pills and capsules

Pills and capsules are also available in the market, and this is also the standard way of ingesting cannabis. Capsules and pills give you an accurate dose and do not produce a high. It is used for medicinal purposes to cure multiple illnesses. Taking it in capsules also does not produce any smell. These pills also cure sleep disorders and insomnia. 


Bowls are small glass pipes like tobacco pipes; it is also used to consume cannabis. If you want to take a smaller dose, you can choose this method of ingestion. Bowls pipes are also available in wood, metal, ceramic, or silicone. 

Final thought

This article provides you with a lot of information on marijuana; if you find it useful, you can online weed store Canada to enjoy the various benefits. It helps you to cure several diseases like chronic pain, anxiety, depression. It can be taken in different ways; people can consume the way they like.