It’s time to start your booty fitness journey with BootyFit+

When it comes to women’s fitness, gaining strength more than just shape is really important, and more specifically butt strength. Booty, butt, derriere, backside, rump, fanny, keister, caboose, tush, there are so many different names for the one body part that everyone wants to build, tighten, and tone. Why? By far the largest and the strongest group of muscles in our body, the gluteals (gluteus maximus, gluteus medius, and gluteus minimus) and the hamstrings (biceps femoris, semitendinosus, and semimembranosus) work together to extend, rotate and abduct the hip. Not only this, but they also contribute to the stabilization of the pelvis, during walking, running, and climbing, among other activities. 

But before you start working on that booty, it is advisable to always remember to work not just on its strength and size, but also its mobility and range. Because let’s be honest, a large shoulder is useless if it can’t move well and a muscular back is only worth vanity if it can’t bend properly. But here’s what the thing is. Working on flexibility alone can never give you optimum results. Therefore, adding strength training to one’s booty fitness routine is something no one should overlook. 

Finally, there’s a way to accomplish the most complete and convenient booty workout from the comfort of home, thanks to BootyFit+, My Booty Fitness’s brand new product. My Booty Fitness is a company that specializes in designing innovative fitness equipment to help people get the booty and the body of their dreams. The equipment has been designed by keeping in mind the requirements of modern-day fitness enthusiasts and helping them get some insane booty gains with a focus on the hip thrust exercise. Available on Kickstarter for a wide range of fitness freaks to try, BootyFit+ is the most versatile workout machine that enables users to do a full range of workouts without the need of buying expensive and bulky gym equipment. Also, it makes for the perfect workout partner for those who can not take out the time to visit the gym and for the ones who wish to do a complete booty and body workout but can’t afford the mighty range of equipment. 

Hips and glutes work in tandem when it comes to bearing weight and providing stability through a range of motion. And that’s precisely why they need to be flexible and strong at the same time. That’s also why you need to stretch your hip flexor while also focusing on those explosive strength-based exercises. There seem to be two major motivations to work on glute and hip strengthening. The first one is aesthetic and toned glutes. The second motivation is avoiding back pain. You read that right. Booty workouts work magically when it comes to beating the back pain you think you have for no reason at all. While finding the root cause of one’s back pain and fixing it is important, it is also equally important to break out of this vicious circle by training your booty and glutes with special equipment like BootyFit+.

Research on the effects of gluteus muscle strengthening exercises published in the Journal Of Physical Therapy Science says that the clinical application of exercise in this study showed that lumbar segmental stabilization exercise plus exercise to strengthen the muscles of the gluteus resulted in a greater decrease in low back pain disability index and increase in lumbar muscle strength and balance ability.

What’s more- the other advantages include significant reductions in knee pain and the sheer ability to generate more power during workouts. The bottom line is that strengthening the booty helps in improving overall performance. For instance, it helps in boosting the explosive power that helps one to generate more force and achieve better results as compared to those who skip the booty day. 

Additionally, the flexible design and the range of functional movements offered by BootyFit+ helps in improving one’s speed and agility. There are only a handful of options available in the market that solely concentrate on hip thrusting. BootyFit+ allows the user to do an effective full-body workout any time of the day and from basically anywhere. The versatile workout machine comes with 100% natural latex resistance bands that can be attached to any of the strategically placed mounting points to target the back, chest, shoulders, arms, and legs/glutes. 

Interestingly, users can also modify the machine’s height by extending or compressing the telescoped tubes within one another based on their height. The steel frame has five holes on the side, allowing users to change the length of the frame as needed. Whether we realize it or not, our glutes get recruited in a range of movements over the day, from biking to rushing up the stairs to standing still for long periods of time. Thus, a strong butt is critical to making it (safely) through whatever workout you’re tackling, but it’s also key to successfully completing day-to-day activities. The high-density steel tube frame of BootyFit+ adds to the durability and stability of the product. Every element of the machine has been effectively used to give its users the best possible workout experience.