Is it Good to Change my Slots Wager or Not?

We have all been at that point where you are deep into a good phone casinos in the UK online slots session and you just know that the next spin is going to be the one that fills your pockets with gold. But it is not always the case and sometimes you think that you were better off going smaller.

We get it, changing your slots wager can hurt a person’s pride, and that is certainly not something to get in the way of. That is why we are here to help you decide if you should be changing your slots wager or not.

Why Might you Change your Slots Wager?

Whether you have found your equilibrium in a specific number that you find gives you a good loss/win ratio, or you go all in on one spin and leave it at that, it is vital to know why one might consider changing their online slots wager:

  •         Tone it down – If you are not feeling like you are on a winning streak but do not want to quit it, you can always bump that wager down just a couple of digits so that your potential losses are not so bad. You still have the same chances of winning remember!
  •         Pump it up! – Maybe you have just hit big, scored that jackpot, or bagged yourself a Brucey bonus. You could safely, at this stage, increase your wager so that you are still playing within your means with the potential of winning more cash. Keep in mind that when the winning begins to end then call it there, we cannot have you declaring bankruptcy.
  •         Mix ‘n’ match – Some high rollers listening to this will know that winning at online slots is balancing your wager from good times to even better times. A real pro will play small when necessary and splash out when they have got themselves a nice little bonus round coming up. Make the most of your game and have as much fun as possible with it!

We know that some of you more excited players out there will just want to splurge big but remember that balancing your wager is more important for you and your fun.

What are the Advantages and Disadvantages of Changing your Wager?

For those who want to stick to their big bet frequently or consistent conservatism, we have listed out the pros and cons of balancing and changing your wager so that you can make your own mind up on the slots:

Pros of changing your wager Cons of changing your wager
You can play safe Might get a big win on a low amount
You can bet big when you feel confident Might fluff your lines on a high wager
More money to play with Tactics of slot gaming minimalised
Smart playing is more fun than splurging Less enjoyment
Small bets give more opportunities for spins Higher risk of losing more
Professionals know when to change the wager