Is Cricket the Next Breakthrough Theme of the Online Casino Industry?

It’s no secret that the online casino industry is the home to a wide array of different genres and themes. From Greek mythology to Ancient Egyptian-inspired creations, there’s scope for many concepts to flourish at modern-day operators.

Because of that, cricket developments may come to the fore over the coming years.

However, it isn’t just the all-inclusive nature of the sector that will be the catalyst for the bat-and-ball sport’s iGaming growth. So, how probable is it that cricket will become a growing theme within the online casino industry? 

The Impact of Adobe Not Supporting Flash Player 

Over the years, developers have sought to bring attention to cricket titles by making them both light-hearted and easily accessible. As such, browser games have predominantly required Adobe Flash Player to function. For example, aside from Cricket – Defend the Wicket, Stick Sports’ cricket developments have also required the installation of Flash Player. In many ways, the software enabled Stick Sports, and other creators, to develop engaging multimedia content for global audiences. 

However, the future of browser-based cricket games is now somewhat in jeopardy. While, of course, there are other software variants available, Adobe’s decision not to support Flash Player at the start of 2021 has raised questions over the genre’s long-term future. Interestingly, this plays into the hands of casino game developers. Given that cricket-related browser titles have long enjoyed success, there’s scope to diversify the genre and capitalize on the size of the pre-existing audience base. 

Developers Need to Consider Alternate Approaches 

The need to explore new markets is growing, and this demand may spearhead the rise of cricket-inspired casino games. At the time of writing, it’s evident that the bat-and-ball sport is becoming a focal point for the industry’s developers. At Netbet online casino, the operator possesses an extensive library of slot games. Within their selection, users will find Cricket Star. Developed by Microgaming, the five-reel creation seeks to capture the action-packed nature of cricket, as, rather fittingly, the backdrop is a stadium. Moreover, with batsmen, bowler, and wicket-keeper features, the title creates an immersive feel that will engage fans of the sport. 

Presently, the impact of Flash Player’s demise on browser games are unknown. While there are ways to play titles that previously utilized Adobe’s software, accessing them is now far less user-friendly. In the future, developers may look to alternate programs to maintain the popularity of browser games. In this crossover period, however, it undeniably opens the door for casino title creators. As illustrated above, they’re still capable of producing cricket-related content, which may give them the edge in asserting their dominance regarding the next generation of web-based cricket games. 

Cricket Could Thrive at Online Casinos 

Although there are no guarantees that casino game developers will target the bat-and-ball sport for their upcoming releases, there’s undoubtedly market demand for cricket-related content. Over the past few years, the theme’s success across flash-developed titles has showcased the sport’s widespread appeal. As such, should online casinos explore the subject matter, then they may find the next breakthrough theme.