Is Big Time Gaming the Most Innovative Slot Game Developer?

When players think about slots such as Lucha Legends slot, the word innovative seldom comes to mind. Players think about themes, excitement, RTP (Return to Player Percentage), and volatility. Big Time Gaming (BTG) is on course to change this narrative by tapping into its inner creativity and releasing games that break new grounds. 

Crowning BGT as the most innovative slot game developer might be an exaggeration, as they are many more game providers who have given a fair share of creativity, and their products are doing better in the market. However, we cannot trample on the Australian gaming provider; they have reinvented excellence in slot games. 

Big Time Gaming’s innovation was recently recognized by MegaWays casino and crowned Gambling Mechanism of 2020. They are responsible for some up-to-state innovations that have caught our eyes in recent times.  

Evolution Gaming couldn’t take their eyes off Big Time Gaming and had to purchase the Australian-based slot in 2021. It comes after already purchasing NetEnt and Red Tiger Gaming, two big gaming developers. 

BTG has a limited number of slot games. At the time of writing this article, they have only 46 games with different categories ranging from MegaClusters, MagaPays, and MegaWays. BGT outshines its competitors by focusing on quality rather than quantity. Finding a solution to the lack of originality of slot games by gaming providers before it, Bet Time Gaming has taken the gaming industry by storm.

MegaWays Technology

It is almost impossible to talk about Big Time Gaming without mentioning MagaWays. MegaWays is the most prominent development coming out from BTG, and its mechanism is responsible for BTG’s innovations. MegaWays has revolutionized the gambling industry over the past few years, unlocking new levels of fun for users. This revolution started in 2015 when Big Time Gaming developed the mechanism. In 2016, the first slot game with this mechanism was launched; it was named Dragon ball. It failed to match the level of anticipation and excitement of users. Later that year, the Bonanza slot was created and became a classic. Claiming the glory of this success, BTG issued licenses for its use by other gaming developers. 

Unlike conventional slot games where players have to create matching combinations to win, MegaWays technology uses adjacent reels and works on a six-reel arrangement with an additional horizontal wheel. There are currently over 100 games fitted with MegaWays technology across the world.

MegaCluster Technology

MegaCluster games are a few of the most exciting games to hit game lobbies worldwide. This is an innovation by Big Time Gaming to hit the world of casino gambling. BTG adopted the cluster pay system and added some secret ingredients to give MegaCluster. Slot games with the MegaCluster technology have no paylines, unlike conventional slot games. Instead, they are set out in a particular format of rows and columns, and wins are made when there is a combination of matching symbols adjacently.

MegaQuad Technology

MegaQuad is the latest slot gaming technology created by Big Time Gaming. MegaQuad retains the same principle of operation as the MegaWay and MegaCluster. A win is made when there is a matching combination on adjacent symbols. Currently, there are only two MegaQuad games in the casino gaming market. The third MetaQuad game is currently a work in progress.