Instructions for using a sex doll


Published on: 21/Jan/2020

Although adults seem to be using more sex toys, or may be more open about using sex dolls, not everyone has the same comfort with these items. And despite the growing acceptance of Best Sex Toys for ED, sex dolls still have a reputation that makes many people disapprove of their interest in this option. However, when used with proper penis care, a sex doll can become a welcome addition to a man’s masturbation routine. If you want to buy a new and branded sex doll for your sexual desire than I want to suggest you to visit here for real doll . Our brand XNDOLL is providing best products which are easy to use and also easy to clean. For buying please click on the highlighted link and visit our website. Indeed you will satisfy from our product and service also. Here are the details of using sex doll;

For many years, sex dolls have been seen as

It’s something that only men use in despair. But the truth is that many men with healthy sex lives enjoy using dolls as well. Sales of these dolls have steadily increased in recent years and advances in manufacturing and technology have created realistic and expensive rubber dolls. Many men prefer using a doll over masturbating with their hands because of its resemblance to real sex, many also believe that due to its resemblance to intercourse, it helps them improve the health of their penis man and work on various problems. Some of the Doll Wives are also preferred for customized looks which can be a resemblance with an ex or a lost a partner. Premature ejaculation or to improve technique when in bed with a partner and will focus on blow-up sex dolls. (And inexpensive But it is important to admit that there are many options in this area. The following tips are recommended for men interested in exploring the sex doll options, even though the dolls are designed for in-depth exploration. But there is still significant friction. Using the proper form of lubrication will protect the penis from wear and tear.

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Blowing up a full size rubber doll can use a lot of lung energy

 Make sure to clean all parts of the doll after use, especially the piercing area. Dolls should come with instructions on the best way to keep them clean and it is important that humans follow these instructions. Some men have friends who use sex dolls and may be tempted to ask if they can try it for themselves. This should generally be avoided. Not everyone is prudent in cleaning after they should be. If a man uses another sex doll, he should wear a condom. In case the owner leaves traces behind, some rubber dolls can surprisingly squeal. If a man wants to perform clandestine activities, he may want to refrain from using the doll except when he is sure he is alone. When collapsed, most dolls don’t take up much space. But it may not be suitable for small spaces easily. Some men are uncomfortable with other people knowing they use dolls. It is advisable for these men to consider a place where the doll can be stored when not in use.

How to use a solid silicone doll?

Disinfect with a disinfectant spray before use or disinfect with disinfectant wipes or 75% medical alcohol cotton swabs. Use body lubricants to maintain adequate cleanliness or wear a condom. Hygiene that is heavily lubricated .If the inside of the machine is not sufficiently lubricated, it will easily cause cracks in the colloidal product at the inlet and outlet of the machine. After use, rinse the lubricant inside the appliance with tap water and disinfect it with a disinfectant spray. Use disinfecting wipes or 75% alcohol wipes to disinfect the inside. Then put the machine in warm water to clean for 2-3 minutes, dry naturally or dry to wipe the inside and surface of the device and keep it in a dark place.

Use solid silicone doll

How to wear silicone doll clothes:

Although silicone dolls can move in their limbs, they have a wide range of activities. When you wear doll clothes to protect your baby’s skin, please pay attention to the following points:

1. Anti-adhesive can use scorpion powder. Doll skin is sticky you should wear scorpion powder or talcum powder before putting on your clothes. If there is static, use a static spray do not inject too much.

2. Prevent the branches from bending too much. When wearing clothes, please twist the arms too high, which may break the silicone surface of the doll?

3. Pay attention to scratches.  It is possible to cut a doll if the garment has button spikes or chains and other accessories, be careful when wearing them.

4. When the ear hole or navel hole with earrings and other accessories, you can use a thin wire or needle to poke holes in the silicon cavity. But not more than o.5mm in diameter and cannot be cut with knife and magazine after wearing the earrings cannot be pulled in case the doll breaks.

5. Prevent staining. Some garments are made of dyed faux leather or other oil-dyed materials. Long-term exposure to leather or fabric can cause the color to crack into the inside of the doll, discoloring the doll’s skin.  Layer clothes so as not to cause discoloration of the doll

How to repair a silicone doll

Silicone dolls are very soft and can easily break, wrinkle or damage if used improperly. In use, when the baby’s skin is broken, stop using and repair.  Although the silicone product is soft however, they can get cracks and creases or even damage if used improperly. In use, do not use sharp objects to contact the surface of the silicone. (Some people like to use their fingernails to force the breast and other parts to try softness often leaving the nail prints unfortunately. Cut silica gel, when producing silica gel, the wound will tear along the direction of the wound when continuous use, causing complete damage. And repair it for your further use.