I Took CBD Oil For 17 Days Straight – Here’s Why I Can’t Stop Now!

I am someone who loves to experiment with all things akin to health and wellness. While experimenting with cannabis supplements, I discovered CBD oil. CBD lies somewhere between hemp seeds and psychoactive marijuana. You get all the powerful benefits of CBD sans the getting-high feeling associated with marijuana-based THC.

I took CBD oil for 17 days and am hooked to it now!

But, before I share my journey with CBD oil, I thought about apprising you about CBD and its potent benefits.

What is CBD oil?


Cannabidiol (CBD) oil is a substance that is produced from the cannabis plant. THC (tetrahydrocannabinol), is another primary cannabinoid found in the cannabis plant. However, unlike THC or (tetrahydrocannabinol), CBD does not get you high. This characteristic made me embrace its oil more readily. The cannabinoids of the CBD are chemicals found in the hemp plant that offer support to our bodies’ natural inflammatory functions. Multiple clinical reports had proved the safety and tolerability of CBD. Cannabinoids like CBD can help our bodies achieve a stable balance (homeostasis) under some conditions. CBD oil is usually available as a concentrated tincture.

Application of topical creams, salves, rubs, roll-ons, oils, and balms is the most common method used by athletes to administer CBD. Known for the pain-relieving properties, anti-inflammatory effects and stress reduction capabilities, CBD can be applied through the skin. Most athletes use this method of taking in CBD due to their lifestyle; often if not, athletes apply creams to muscle sores, body aches and pain. Upon the application of CBD-infused topical creams, your body’s CB1 and CBD2 receptors are stimulated. The oil can also come with a tinge of extra flavoring to enhance its palatability. 

Besides oil, CBD is also consumed in the form of sprays, inhalers, and gummies.

Though I preferred CBD oil over other forms, some folks consume CBD as chill gummies. Chill gummies are high-quality CBD products derived from industrial hemp oil. These gummies are sometimes infused with melatonin to help you sleep and relax besides accruing other great tasting CBD oil for sleep.

How Does CBD Oil work?

CBD is widely studied for its analgesic, anti-inflammatory, and relaxing properties. Many studies and reviews have already been conducted to gauge the efficacy of this wonder drug. I did some research on CBD oil by browsing through some scientific literature available online. Our body has its endocannabinoid system that produces cannabinoids. These cannabinoids regulate physiological processes like emotions, pain, sleep, mood, cognitive functions, etc. Now, plant-based cannabis can mimic these naturally occurring chemicals in our bodies while engaging with its receptors. So, we humans are biologically inclined to utilize plant-based cannabis to have a therapeutic effect on pain and inflammation.

How To Consume CBD oil?


You can avail CBD oil in a variety of flavors and doses. You can choose from melon, vanilla, mint, and other fruity flavors. However, if you like natural, earthy flavors, choose unflavoured oil for an earthy hemp taste. I took CBD oil that came with a dropper. My dosing included a spoonful of oil that amounted to two droppers of oil. 

Cannabidiol has been growing in fame from the last decade. Although different from its high-inducing counterpart – THC, CBD products are known for their pain-relieving effects and anti-inflammatory properties. With this being said, CBD products are crucial ingredients that are used in tinctures, oils, balms, and even edibles. Also, some companies use CBD for their amazing effects on the body’s health. Therapies and long-term relief from debilitating ailments are often administered with the use of CBD products. 

Marijuana, however, is often mistaken always to have the psychoactive ingredients present on their strains. Mainly, there are two parent strains on which Marijuana is derived – Indicas and Sativas. Cannabis Sativa or Sativas are known for the head-high after-effects upon consumption. Known for having high concentration levels of THC or Tetrahydrocannabinol, Sativa strains cause more cerebral effects and are perfect for day-time use. 

Indica strains, on the other hand, are known for higher levels of CBD or cannabidiol. Cannabidiol subjects the body on a body-high state and is perfect for people searching for natural sleeping remedies. With the sedative properties of CBD, it helps active patients that experience difficulty sleeping to relax, calm down and induce rest. Moreover, known for the anti-inflammatory effects of CBD, Indica strains are the go-to remedy for a lot of sports athletes. Using CBD as balms and ointments before and after training, athletes or even the general public can also consume CBD products in different ways. 

If you are a beginner in taking CBD products, here are some ways or recommended guidelines to know the different methods in consuming medical Marijuana.

CBD oil is quite versatile, and you can get creative by adding it to your tea or smoothie.

How CBD oil worked on me

1.Helped Ease Period Symptoms


Off late, I have been experiencing increased cramping just before and during periods. The first day of my period had been awful, with gut-wrenching pain in my pelvic region. It had started affecting my work and social life. I tried heating pads, herbal teas, and essential oils to address this issue. I took some OTC pain relievers too. However, I started taking CBD oil about a week before my period for a more natural plant-based solution. My cramping before and during the period was reduced significantly. Instead of popping pills, I took CBD oil, and my cramps went away within thirty minutes.

I was happy with the idea that a natural product helped ease my period pain so effectively.

2.Helped With My Acne Breakouts

Though not a teenager, but am still plagued by nasty zits and acne around my period. I decided to use CBD oil to treat my acne after consulting my dermatologist. After applying CBD oil topically to the affected areas, I can see that my zit marks have begun to fade away. Moreover, my skin feels and looks better.

3.Helped Me Deal with Anxiety

I am an anxious person who gets nervous before an important event. Social events, especially those with unknown people, make me almost ditch the event. 

While scouring through the scientific literature on CBD online, I came across studies on cannabis that suggest that CBD helps in dealing with anxiety and depression.

So, when I consumed CBD oil before important meetings, it helped ease that knotty feeling in my gut. I felt more relaxed and at ease with myself. It helped me tackle the situation with oblong.

4.Helped With My Sleep


Anxiety also interferes with my sleep. My sleep is often riddled with early 3 a.m awakenings. Moreover, I don’t feel refreshed after waking up in the morning throwing questions about lack of quality sleep. While researching the benefits of CBD in treating sleeplessness, I came across a  2019 study that reiterated the positive role of CBD in reducing anxiety and poor sleep. 

I started taking CBD oil with my evening tea about an hour before bedtime. Whoa, I slept well most of the days following this regime.

Summing Up

I took CBD for 17 straight days, and it helped me ease and improve various health issues. However, folks, I took CBD oil after consulting my treating physician. Like any other chemical substance, cannabinoids are not devoid of probable side effects. So, folks, please keep your treating doctor in the loop before consuming any CBD products.