How Zimpler payment methods work in Finnish pay n play casinos

Zimpler is one of the most convenient payment methods in pay n play casinos. It is proving to be a safe and fast way to deposit money when playing slots and table games for Finnish players.

Moreover, Zimpler remains an available payment option at many online casinos for several years now. Also, it is gaining a lot of popularity among players. Zimpler is a Swedish company founded in 2012 by David Vrensk and Johan Friis. In 2017, the company was the third fastest growing tech firm in Sweden.

Zimpler offered before its customers several ways to play at online casinos. But in nowadays its only focusing Payments via bank ID.

In Finland casinos who has Zimpler available for payment methods are the most popular casinos and they are called Zimpler online casinos

How does Zimpler work?

To use Zimpler, you must have a Finnish bank account and online bank ID for that . When you register with Zimpler, only thing you need to do is deposit money by using Zimpler as a payment method and that’s how online casino gets your user data from the bank you have an account with. It’s the easiest registration process and at the same time you can get money to your gambling account. 

After making your first deposit casino has all the personal information they need and players can continue playing and logging into the account by using always the same bank ID – no need to remember usernames or difficult passwords.

Hence, it has access to all of your personal information. As a result, there is no need for further verification when making deposits or withdrawals since the casino already has everything it needs from you.

Basically Zimpler is a third party process and money comes and goes to Zimpler first and not straight to the casino. So players bank statement will show that transaction has been made to Zimpler which looks nicer if banks goes through what is happening in your account. 

How to deposit with Zimpler

The process is extremely straightforward:

  • Click the Deposit button on your casino account page.
  • Enter the amount you wish to deposit into your account (the minimum amount is usually €10).
  • Choose your own bank from the selection of banks
  • Enter your bank ID and key for that
  • Confirm your transaction

Is Zimpler Safe?

Yes, Zimpler is a safe payment method at your favorite online casino. The company uses the latest SSL encryption technology. Hence, it protects all transactions and ensures security. There is also no need to share any personal information with the casino operator when making deposits using Zimpler. This is because casinos get all information what is needed straight from the bank from your first deposit.

Zimpler is also safe to use since it’s protected by Swedish financial supervision and if there’s any problems you can always contact them and they will help you. 

Zimpler also offers a convenient payment history logging system that helps you keep track of your transactions and never lose track of what you’ve spent on deposits.

Final Takeaway

Finland has many casinos that accept Zimpler as a payment method. This is an easy, fast and secure method for Finnish players to enjoy casino games and it’s starting to be the biggest and most popular because Zimpler has the fastest withdraws in whole market.