How to Trade in Bitcoin Online: A Complete Guide

Bitcoin is a hot topic right now, and for good reason. The cryptocurrency has seen an unprecedented rise from the time it was created in 2009 up until the end of 2016. But what does this mean? What’s so special about Bitcoin that everyone wants to trade in them? And how can you do it online, without ever leaving your house? We’re going to cover all of that and more!

What is Bitcoin and how does it work? 

Bitcoin is a type of cryptocurrency, meaning that in order to purchase them you need to buy them with regular money. The dollars or other currency you pay will be exchanged for the equivalent value in Bitcoins at your chosen online exchange.

There are no banks involved when trading in bitcoins; instead, they use peer-to-peer technology like BitTorrent but this time around using encryption techniques making it more difficult than ever before for someone else to access your personal files without authorization. You can store these digital coins on an external hard drive, USB stick, CD/DVDs – something which stores data so that people won’t have direct access to what’s inside.

USA or Italy the concept of bitcoin is the same. You need to buy bitcoins at the current market rate and then trade them for an altcoin.

In USA, Coinbase is one of the best bitcoin exchange sites that you can use to buy and sell bitcoins instantly with your bank account or credit card. 

For Italy, BTCrevo is a site where you can easily purchase Bitcoin online by using local currency (euros), but also through some other European currencies such as pounds sterling, Swiss francs, Polish zlotych, Russian rubles and so on. The whole process should take less than 15 minutes after which you will be able to transfer funds from there to any sort of wallet in order to start trading your new asset: cryptocurrencies are all about being fast!


One thing remains true that people don’t know about and that is the correlation between bitcoin trading and other markets. The correlation is not one hundred percent, but it’s still high enough to make a difference.

The bitcoin trading market has been going down and up for the past few years without any serious changes in its value due to some events that have occurred during those times.  The first of them was Brexit when people started seeing lower prices because of uncertainty about how currency conversion would work out after Britain left the European Union; this event caused the BTC/GBP price to drop from 670 pounds per coin before Brexit happened to 550 pounds per coin afterwards. All other currencies like EUR, USD and others followed suit as well with similar effects on their values. That means you should be careful when investing your money into Bitcoin if there are major ever-changing factors    

Bitcoin revolution app can help you trade online. And, even if you don’t have your own bitcoins to trade, you can buy them right away.

The Best Bitcoin Trading Platforms

  • Bitfinex (Online trading platform) 
  • Independent Reserve Exchange (Australian based bitcoin exchange) 
  • CoinHako (Bitcoin wallet for Singaporeans and Malaysians) 


– Kraken Cryptocurrency Exchange (US Based Online cryptocurrency exchanges with a large number of cryptocurrencies available). “We operate by the principle that security should not be sacrificed in favor of convenience or cost.” – Bloomberg Businessweek article on why they are one of the most secure online trading platforms. If it’s good enough for Bloomberg Businessweek then it’s probably worth checking out! is an online app that helps Italians to trade in bitcoin.

The website is easy to use and the application process can be completed in two minutes or less. But what really makes btcrevo stand out from other similar services is that it doesn’t charge any fees for buying, selling, storing or exchanging bitcoins – not even when they are sent back to Italian banks.

After signing up on their site with a username and password (no registration required), users input how much they want to buy or sell into one of three fields at the top left corner of the homepage: BTC In ($), BTC Out ($) or ETH In (). Selecting which currency, you would like your funds delivered in will automatically update both the field displaying current values as well as those that are used for the deposit and payout methods.

Btcrevo also offers a number of other features that make trading Bitcoin much easier than it would be otherwise: an informative FAQ guide, live chat service and email support option are all available 24 hours per day so users can get help with everything from getting started to withdrawing funds. The site is easy to use and the application process can be completed in two minutes or less. But what really makes btcrevo stand out from other similar services is that it doesn’t charge any fees for buying, selling, storing, or exchanging bitcoins