How to Tell a Sugar Daddy What You Want: Top Tips to Help You

There are 7 types of relationships with sugar dating, but they are all transactional in nature, meaning that both parties get what they want from the deal. For sugar babies, it usually means that their financial needs are taken care of. However, the details of the agreement are not always clear and sometimes you have to ask yourself: how do you ask a sugar daddy for allowance? Here are some ideas that can help. 

How to Tell a Sugar Daddy What You Want?

Although it’s always better to be direct, you can’t always say, “Daddy, I need money.” Here’s how to approach this conversation.

  • Discuss the details ahead of time and stick to them. One of the first stages of your relationship with sugar should be a discussion about the details of your agreement and what kind of compensation you can expect.
  • Ask him about his past experiences with sugar. If this isn’t your partner’s first sugar deal, you can learn more about what to expect by asking how things were done in their past relationships.
  • Let him see your personality and your dreams. Your partner needs to know that by giving you money, he or she is helping you finance a lifestyle you’ve always wanted or acquire a skill you need to develop as a professional.
  • Get straight to the point. After you’ve worked up the courage to talk openly about your needs, you need to act quickly and not let your partner’s attention drift while you talk about things that matter less.
  • Don’t let the negotiations go too far. It’s fine to negotiate the exact amount you’ll be paid or how often it will happen, but if your sugar partner is trying to question whether you need any money at all, it’s important to hold your ground.

How to Ask Your Sugar Daddy for Money or An Allowance?

For a sugar relationship to be successful, it is essential to be open about your needs and expectations, as well as to set your boundaries. Here’s how to ask a sugar daddy for an allowance.

  • Mention your personal goals. If you’ve always wanted to visit a certain country or need a new laptop for school, this is the perfect time to talk about it.
  • Ask him what he thinks is a good assignment for you. In this way, you are not negotiating the importance of an allocation, you are simply trying to negotiate the exact amount.
  • Let him know that you trust him. There is an imbalance of power in a sugar relationship, so your sugar daddy need not think that you are too independent and that he can do just fine on his own.
  • Use your friends’ situations as an example. If you have a friend who has achieved success as a sugar baby, using her experience as an example can give you an edge.
  • Do not change the initial agreements. If you agreed to something when your relationship started, constantly trying to get more money will legitimately be seen as a red flag for your sugar sweetheart.

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Final Thoughts

Now that you know how to ask a sugar daddy for money without making things awkward for either party, your experience can be even more beneficial for you and your partner! Please feel free to come to our site again to refresh your knowledge and learn more about sugar dating.