How to Stay Safe When Online Dating

Internet dating services and dating applications are used by millions of people worldwide to find love, friendship or companionship. Because of this, it is advisable for people to have some safety measures in place whenever they meet a stranger, whether in person or over the internet. Users of dating applications and sites are not subjected to background checks. Therefore, it is up to each user to decide if they feel safe going on a date with somebody. Here are some actions someone can take to improve their safety when communicating with people they meet through dating websites and applications, whether it is in the virtual space or in person.

Use a Trustworthy Site

There are countless dating applications accessible all over the world. However, they are not of the same caliber. A person should read internet reviews and consult their friends for opinions before settling on one. Typically, the bigger, more reputable websites will preserve one’s personal details and provide a secure online dating platform. Users should remember to deactivate their profile once they have finished using the dating app they chose.

Use a Unique Photo

Users on dating platforms should avoid posting the same photograph or images that they have on their social media pages for their dating site profiles. Suppose someone uses the same photographs on their dating profile as on these accounts. In that case, they can easily be located on social media because it is simple for an individual to perform a reverse image search. From there, potential con artists might begin compiling data on the individual. Additionally, users should avoid using images that can reveal their residence or place of employment. This knowledge can be exploited in social engineering tactics, such as when a stranger claims to have seen someone in the office and claims that he or she works nearby when, in reality, one is just trying to win their trust.

Avoid Linking Social Media Profiles

Individuals on dating platforms are advised to separate their personal accounts on social media from their dating profiles. Many people probably have more private information that fraudsters or cybercriminals could use against them. Reviewing the privacy preferences on all of their social media accounts is a smart idea to make sure they are all configured to a setting they are comfortable with.

Protect Personal Information

People should always be careful to use original images on their profiles and to limit the amount of personal information they include. It comprises particulars like their last names, contact details, birthdates, place of employment, educational institution, social media user handles, and so forth. Cybercriminals may find it easier to figure out someone’s password if they have this data. They usually send people phishing emails using the data, so one should instead use a pseudonym or first name.

Stay within the Dating Application or Platform

People must keep their interactions inside the dating platform when conversing with a possible date or anyone they have just met. Scammers frequently seek to switch people over to encrypted messaging services, so their behavior might be harder to track. Most dating services have reporting or filtering features. Others do not permit individuals to send URLs within chat messages. Hence, remaining within the dating app adds an added layer of security. Users do not have to be worried about the other user knowing their number if things don’t pan out.

Location Settings and Reporting

It is best to Use the location settings of the application selectively or shut them off altogether. Casting a wider net is preferable to letting strangers identify the area where someone lives or works. Users of the most secure dating apps are encouraged to report violent or unlawful behavior. Usually, if the user’s interactions with someone make them feel uncomfortable, they have the choice to block that person. The individual should Contact the customer care staff of the dating website if an individual is bugging them or trying to extort cash from them.

Meet in a Public Place and Tell Someone About the Meeting

Inform a buddy whom they are meeting, the location, and when they expect to return home before meeting their online date in person. A person should consider setting up a “safe call,” in which they ask a friend or relative to call them during the date to check if everything is alright. It is best for the individual to make plans to have their first date in a public area using their own transportation so that they can depart whenever they like. In this way, they have control over how they travel to and from the date. Another option is installing multiple ride-sharing applications on their phone so that they have choices if needed. One should always en Make sure their phone is completely charged, or think about carrying a portable battery or charger.