How To Select Cannabis Seeds For Healthy Plants

So you’ve made the decision to start growing marijuana. A crucial and early decision you’ll have to make is what seeds to plant. A good seed has all of the necessary components for growing a strong, robust plant. Learning how to choose cannabis seeds doesn’t have to be difficult – here are the fundamentals to getting started.

How to Select Cannabis Seeds

Female cannabis plants only generate seeds once they have been pollinated by a male cannabis plant. A female plant that produces seeds, as well as a male plant to fertilize those female plants, are required in order to generate seeds for your personal consumption. Place the male plant near the female plant you wish to fertilize, and that’s all it takes to get started. Seeds will begin to appear in approximately 4-6 weeks. In order to avoid the difficulties and unpredictability of this process, many people opt to purchase female cannabis seeds instead of traditional seeds.

Male or Female Seeds

It is possible to cultivate seeds from either male or female seeds, yet the majority of individuals prefer to grow female seeds instead. Why? Because female plants are the ones that produce buds, this is the case with this plant. ‘Regulars,’ which are seeds that contain both male and female seeds, are sold by the vast majority of seed companies. 

The only seeds that are available for purchase on their website are female seeds, which are also known as feminized seeds. It is worth it to spend the extra money to ensure that you are working with feminized seeds rather than male seeds in order to prevent wasting your time and resources growing male plants that do not produce the results you seek.

Cannabis Classified into Two Types

When you’re considering the effects you want your cannabis to have on you, consider what you want it to accomplish. Cannabis may be classified into two types: indica and sativa, which are the most commonly encountered. After taking sativas, people report feeling invigorated and more creative than before. Indicas are well-known for their ability to alleviate anxiety and inflammation, but they can also cause users to feel drowsy.

Colors such as dark brown, black, or a combination of the two colors distinguish healthy marijuana seeds from unhealthy marijuana seeds. We do not recommend that you use green seeds in this recipe. Because they are still green, green seeds are usually unable to sprout because they are not fully formed. It is possible to use seeds of various sizes, both large and little. In general, indica seeds are larger in size than sativa seeds. 

Sativa seeds are smaller in size. Another way in which indica and sativa seeds differ from one another is through their seedling patterns. In general, indica seeds have a brown and black coloration, but sativa seeds have a single hue and are usually brown or black in appearance, according to the classification.

Sativa, Indica, or a hybrid of the three

Cannabis sativa plants will grow tall and thin as they develop their roots. They require more time to mature than indica varieties. Sativa plants provide higher yields than indica plants on a per-plant basis. Indica plants are shorter and more bush-shaped than sativa plants, and they tend to yield fewer buds as a result.

For many years, individuals were forced to pick between the advantages of indica and sativa marijuana. However, you may also produce hybrid plants, which combine the best characteristics of both sativa and indica into a single plant. Most hybrids are dominated in one direction or the other for example, indica or sativa but they also produce the effects of the opposite sort of plant.

Another thing to remember, particularly if you are a first-time grower, is that indicas mature faster than sativas. This is incredibly significant if you are just starting out. Indicas are thought to be a tougher plant that can withstand more stress, making them more forgiving to inexperienced growers who may make a few mistakes during their first few harvesting sessions.

Production of cannabis seeds

The pollen grain of a male cannabis plant serves as the starting point for the generation of cannabis seeds. A pollen tube develops from this grain, resulting in the production of male generative cells that are dispersed in the form of pollen. Pollen migration into a female plant ovule causes pistils to break off and seed development to commence as a result of pollen migration into the ovule. The bracts, which enclose the ovule, will next burst open and release their seeds.

Preservation Techniques for Seeds

Whether you cultivate your own seeds or purchase them, you need to take a few precautions to ensure that your seeds remain safe until you are ready to plant them. Cannabis seeds can be kept for several years if they are stored properly, and they can still be used to develop healthy cannabis plants.

Seeds should be kept in a cool, dark, and dry place until they are needed. The direct sunlight should not be allowed to shine on seeds since they may sprout. The presence of moisture should not be allowed to affect the growth of seeds, as this may induce them to sprout. In order to prevent germination, seeds should be stored at normal room temperature. A seed that has been exposed to severely cold or extremely high temperatures may become damaged and unable to be used again.

Final Verdict

Make sure you don’t allow yourself to become overwhelmed! In terms of selecting cannabis seeds, there are a plethora of possibilities to take into consideration! The simplest and most successful method of learning is to simply start doing something. If you do decide to purchase seeds, start with a less expensive variety to save money. 

The fact that something is expensive does not automatically suggest greater quality. Some of the old trustworthy strains have a high level of potency, while others are not as potent. High-tech, newer, and more expensive hybrid strains have a greater chance of failing than others. When it comes to planting your first plants, you don’t want to spend too much money on seeds since you don’t want to be disappointed after all of your hard work. 

To guarantee that your initial growth cycle goes as smoothly as possible, choose a strain that has been producing fruit and vegetables in great amounts for a long period of time and if you want to learn more about how to select cannabis seeds you can visit Seed Supreme.