How To Play Online Teen Patti? : Everything You Need To Know About It

Want to play Teen Patti? But don’t know how to?

Well, then you are on the right blog, as in this article we will discuss how you can play Teen Patti…in a detailed manner.


Teen Patti is a much popular card game, which has it’s origins in India. In simple words, it is a simplified version of a 3-card Poker.  It is usually played in a setting of 3 to 6 people, with a pack of 52 cards (without jokers).

Gone are the days when people used to come and sit together to play Teen Patti, as the arrival of online gambling applications on smartphones has changed all of that.

People nowadays prefer to play games like Teen Patti from the comfort of their homes via Online Casinos

And the best thing about all of this is that you can invest your money online in the money and win a great return on your investments. You can also use real cash in online Teen Patti via Paytm.

Now let’s go ahead and learn…

How To Play Online Teen Patti In India

  • To begin the game f online Teen Patti, the dealer will distribute 3 cards to all the players, which are sitting at the table.

Note: The cards will be put face down and will be distributed in an anti-clockwise manner.

  • The winner of the first hand usually becomes the dealer for the next hand.
  • Betting will begin from the player, which is sitting nearby to the left of the dealer after card distribution has been completed.
  • Then the players are required to play as per the strength of their cards.

Note: No limit on the number of betting rounds in the game.

  • Two players will be left in the end sequence of the game and they will be required to show their cards.
  • The player which has the best-ranking hand will win the pot.

Note: In case everyone has decided to fold except one player, then the betting will end and the last player will win the pot.

Playing Teen Patti Online

Since most people nowadays are playing Teen Patti on their smartphones, thus physical cash has been replaced by virtual cash. You can buy the same in online 3 Patti via Paytm also.

Below are some of the websites which you can visit to play online Teen Patti in India.