How to Play Free Bingo

Bingo is currently one of the most popular games that people enjoy. It’s simplicity and excitement mean that pretty much anybody can pick up a score sheet and have a great time. Online bingo has managed to make the game even more popular – try and play Lucky Slots 7.

Now players need not travel to their local bingo hall to enjoy a game, they can instead sit back and have fun from the comfort of their own living room. With online bingo, many players are wondering if there are any ways in which they can play free bingo. 

Online Bingo 

Online bingo is one of the main reasons why bingo has managed to remain popular in the 21st century. For many years, people saw bingo as a dying game due to its reluctance to adapt to changing demographics and attitudes. It was during this time where the stereotypical image of older bingo players comes from. However, online bingo changed all of that! There is now a wider demographic of players than ever before, with a whole host of online bingo sites and apps filled to the brim with players. Due to the nature of online bingo, it is actually possible to play bingo for free by taking advantage of some of their promotions and deals. 

Promotions and Deals 

Online bingo sites will often offer players promotions and deals in an effort to entice them to join their website. Usually, these will be exclusively reserved for new players but some deals for older players such as loyalty bonuses will also offer players the chance to play bingo for free. The main promotion which offers players the opportunity to play for free is a sign up bonus. Typically, this sign up bonus will offer players a set amount of credit or even cash in exchange for them signing up to the site. Usually players will have to enter their credit/debit card details in order to receive this promotion but they won’t be charged anything. 

Can you Win Money Playing for Free? 

It is possible to win money by playing bingo for free, although it is incredibly unlikely. Bingo sites offer these promotions and deals as an investment of sorts, they expect to lose a little money in the short term which they will be able to make back over the long term as players keep coming back to play more games of bingo. Bingo sites sometimes specifically add caveats to their promotions which limit the amount players can win, for instance they may only let players play specific games with the credit they receive from the promotion, these specific games will be harder to win than an average bingo game. 


Playing bingo for free is possible, it is just unlikely that you will be able to win anything from these free games. Of course there is one way that people can play bingo for free, they can get a sheet of paper and play bingo at home! The game is perfect for playing in your own space, of course this means that you would have to sort out the prizes.