How to look for a safe casino to play at?

Online casinos are becoming more and more popular with adults who are wanting to find ways to entertain themselves from home, with the added benefit of possibly making some money back too! 

But how can you stay safe and make sure your winnings are protected?

If you’re looking for a safe casino, be sure to check out a list of the best licensed online casinos and find one that you love, where you can feel safe and right at home!

 In today’s article, we take a look at how you can find a safe casino to play on, and how to stay protected when cashing in your winnings through an online casino! Let’s jump straight into it! 

What to look for in a safe casino

Looking for a casino online in itself can often be quite difficult to do, as all kinds of regulated and licensed casinos offer so much, and typically offer different levels of games and support as well as bonuses than each other. With that being said, there are several factors you should be on the lookout for when finding the perfect,  but safe casino for you to play on. 

A Casino that is Fully Licensed/Regulated

First and foremost, finding a safe casino shouldn’t be difficult, but one of the best tells to find out if a casino is honest, and regulated with all legal requirements that a casino has – is to find out if the casino has a license. All casinos (by law) have to display their license somewhere on every page, and more specifically at the bottom of the page.

On the casino that you believe is right for you, scroll down to the very bottom of the page and see if you can see their license. Usually, it will start with “This casino is operated by <Company Name> and operates in <this country>. You can often check the governing body with the license number, or a search of the casino you’re playing at to make sure the casino is licensed and is being regulated by the country of operation’s gambling commission. 

A Casino that Keeps your Money and Winning Separate

When you sign-up for an online casino, you may have noticed a little pop-up when you first try to deposit mentioning that the funds you’re depositing, along with your winnings will be kept in a secondary bank account that can’t be used by the casino should the casino ever go bust. Although this is extremely unlikely to happen at most major casinos, it’s still good to know that your funds are secured.

If your casino that you plan to play on has this pop-up, you can rest assured that your funds are being kept away from the casinos, meaning you have that extra layer of security when you win big! 

A Casino with correct Gambling Intervention Policies

Most casinos around the world operate to take money from you a player or gambler. But, because of recent laws imposed on online casinos, as well as casinos taking the initiative to protect their players from over-gambling and chasing losses leading to mental health issues. 

If the casino you’re playing on has “Self-Exclusion” or is part of the Gamban association, this means that the casino does care about you and the way you gamble. Phrases such as “When the fun stops, stop” can be used typically when this is in play. If you want to gamble safely, this is usually the best way to do it. 

A Reputable Casino

All casinos have some kind of reputation, and even though this might be slightly biased with players who win big, and players who lose all – reputation is key when finding the right casino for you, that is not only safe but loved by others.

Simply searching Google or even looking through reviews of casinos can often help you make accurate and informed decisions on why you should or shouldn’t play a specific casino. Usually, the higher the reputation and people leaving feedback, the better the casino is from a public point of view. Although this might not help you gamble safely, it still makes you aware that the casino you’re playing in is safe and trusted by many. 

What makes a casino safe to play at?

Thousands of online casinos let you play your favourite games on them. Some of these are fully licensed and regulated, and some are not fully regulated or compliant with the correct legislation. 

Making sure that you play at a casino that is both legal and authorized, but safe and has correct safety measures in place is critical to your online gambling experience. When we refer to a casino as being safe, it must have all of the above aspects as well as;

  • Being regulated and licensed.
  • “Ring-Fence” your funds in a separate bank account to ensure you can still withdraw your winnings even if the casino goes bust.
  • Correct safety features such as “Time Out” and “GamBans” to prevent you from over gambling or chasing losses.

Although it’s common to overlook these aspects and go to the place you feel best at, you must stick to the safe and reputable casinos out there.

Why play at a safe casino?

Playing at a known-safe casino has many benefits as you can tell from the above, but more importantly, it makes sure that you’re enjoying your entertainment as the casino intended. In the past, there has been news of online casinos going bust and taking their player’s money and winnings with them, which is not ideal at all. 

Playing at a safe casino that’s fully regulated and licensed within their jurisdiction as well as ensuring that your funds and winnings are ringfenced so that if the casino does run into money problems, your money and winnings are locked away from them. 


All in all, finding the ideal safe casino is critical to making life with online gambling so much more enjoyable, as you don’t have to worry about your winnings or online safety.