Egypt’s best investments are now determined on the basis of a number of criteria, the first of which is the extent to which it is likely to succeed and generate profits, and the second is its distance from risk factors that could lead to capital losses without the slightest interest.

Business and financial experts at  Lacosta Real Estate have highlighted that the Arab Republic of Egypt has recently become a fertile ground for various investment areas, starting with real estate investments, passing through banking investments and finally investing in gold and commercial projects.
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An important question is, to beginners, how is it safe to invest? And how to invest money without experiencing losses, we answer by following some important tips.

First of all, the person must determine his skills and information, that meaning that he asks. Do I have experience in running a business? Or do I have skilled craftsmanship in this area? 

And if the answer is “yes”, then you have to think about how to profit from it. If you have experience in the commercial sector, you can set up your personal project as a shop selling goods and products. Also, If you are in the holiday industry, you will be asked to specify the products and their production needs from A to Z.

 However, if you have experience in agriculture, you must specify the crop, the time of planting, the materials that must be purchased to complete the planting and their cost.

Secondly, those with large amounts of capital may turn to the fields of property and gold investment, both of which must be properly investigated.

Thirdly, if you do not have a lot of capital, you can start your own project by renting a shop of a reasonable size. The shop could then be used as a repair shop for the sale of products or for the repair of faults, provided that the investor has experience in this field.

Last but not least is when the investor has no prior background in how to invest in commercial, industrial or agricultural projects.

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Best Way to Invest In Egypt Now Is to Invest In Real Estate

The increase in the number of new cities in the Arab Republic of Egypt, such as the New Administrative Capital, Hurghada, Ain Sukhna, the North Coast, Fifth Settlement, and  Mostakbal City, makes it the best time to invest in real estate in Egypt, but the following points should be noted:

  • Always buy property in a vibrant area. However, it must be in good condition;
  • Before an investor can rent or resell a property, it must be in better condition than it was at the time of purchase;
  • This means finishing it in an up-to-date manner, as this will increase its material value considerably;
  • We must also pay attention to the equipment, because if we finish it with the facilities, its price will increase;
  • And you can buy a property at a low price with no utility bills and then go in and resell or rent it out;
  • At the time, experts were advising all those investing in property to be proactive and rent out their units rather than sell them;
  • This was because house prices were still rising and keeping your property would increase its price;
  • If you want to make a quick profit, you should buy properties that people are already living in;
  • However, if you want to make a bigger profit in the long run, you can be proactive and own a unit in a new city that is currently under construction.

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