How to Increase Breast Size

Breasts are the symbol of femininity and the self-esteem of women. The size and shapes of the breast vary from woman to woman. Various factors like hormones, genes, body weight, and age play an important role in shaping breast sizes. 

As we grow older, there is a periodical growth in the breast tissues. Some may find no growth or little growth in breast tissues. If the thought of small breast size is troubling you, remember there is no ideal breast size or perfect breast size. One should always be self-loving in terms of the body’s looks and shape. But there are ways through which the breast size can be increased. The article here discusses the ways to increase breast size naturally. 


Some chest exercises work out for many women to increase breast size. They are:

Push-ups: This is a good exercise for your breast. First of all, hold you in plank position by keeping palms and toes on the ground. Arms should be below the shoulders. Keep your back straight, lower the body to just nibble the floor, and then push back up. This should be reckoned as one push-up. As such, you should do 5 sets of three push-ups. To target the breast muscles, keep the palms wider than the shoulder. 

Chest press up: First, lie back on the floor. Hold a dumbbell in each of your hands. Lift the dumbbells over your breast by straightening your arms. Slowly bring down the dumbbells to their original position. Do it three sets of 10-12 chest presses. 

Chest contractions: Hold a towel or a thick cloth in front of you. Keep your arms stretched in front of your chest area. Hold each end of the towel with your hands. Now, pull both ends of the towel altogether, away from each other. While doing this, the chest muscles get contracted. 


Massaging breasts with oils is found to be beneficial in bringing tone and shape to the breast.

Doing manual stimulation, i.e. massage is one of the finest ways to increase the breast size naturally. Generally, breast enlargement creams, olive oil, flaxseed oil, and fennel oil are used. There are some steps to be followed while doing breast massage.

Step 1: Move your hands over both breasts in a circular motion

Step 2: Keep both breasts together.

Step 3: Repeat Steps 1 & 2 at least 10 times daily using the above said natural oils.

Please do not do this more than 10 times as it might lead to swelling and pain. When someone asks how to increase breast size, the above two natural methods may be recommended.


Some diets are working well to shape and keep the breast tissues healthy. Yes, breasts require proper nutrition for proper growth. All these listed food products can help you to remain healthy and fit. These can help in maintaining your breasts healthy. 

Green leafy vegetables: Adding green leafy vegetables helps in the growth of breast tissues. The presence of iron and calcium in these helps a lot. The green leafy vegetables prevent male testosterone production in women. This balances the hormones and allows natural estrogen levels to control the body’s function. 

Soya Beans and Soya Milk – We all know soya milk is protein enriched. The presence of Isoflavones mimics estrogen which increases breast size. Soya milk is obtained from soya beans which help effectively to maintain a healthy estrogen level in the body, but the quantity needs to check out before the intake as excessive intake of soya milk may affect your menstrual cycle. 

Papaya– Papaya and its milk is a natural gift for increasing your breast size. But, strictly this is not a superfood for pregnant women and overeating papaya leads to diarrhea. This is easily available, economical, and should be taken limitedly. 

Fenugreek Seeds – Fenugreek or Methi seeds contain a good amount of phytoestrogen and diosgenin that increase prolactin hormone. It is associated with breast growth. You can even make a paste of fenugreek seeds and the same can be applied to the breasts for massage purposes. You can experience an incredible change in breast size. But a high dose of intake may lead to diarrhea. It is not advised for pregnant ladies because intake of fenugreek seeds may lead to premature uterine contraction.

Fennel Seeds – You may use fennel seeds in your meals for better breast tissue growth. And, also you can pop it with any base oil and massage it. Fennel is also used in the supplemental form for breast enhancement. The excessive consumption of fennel seeds leads to disturbances in the nervous system like giddiness, sleepiness. But this natural herb is affordable to all. 

Remember by eating a healthy diet you remain healthy and fit. It can help you to gain weight, and as you gain weight there is also growth in breast tissues. But clinically it is not proven that these above food products could enlarge breast size miraculously. 


Avoid taking artificial supplements and creams for breast enlargement. These may harm your health and can cause skin allergies. 

Finally, when you search on the internet on how to increase breast size you may come across numerous breast enlargement surgeries. Avoid such surgeries unless required due to medical reasons as while undergoing breast enhancement surgeries, the side effects will be more as some synthetic products are fixed in the breast area. So, better say a big NO to surgery unless required. 

Bottom line

There is no perfect or ideal breast size. One should always be self-loving in terms of the body’s looks and shape. The best way to keep your breasts in tone and shape is to improve your chest and breast muscle strength by doing the exercise listed above. Avoid artificial enlargements and surgeries. Finally, remember your beauty is defined through your virtues and not through your body looks. Keep yourself happy and stay confident in the way you look.