How to find safe adult websites?

For some, the online world is filled with endless possibilities, but for others, and thanks in no small part to Avenue Q (that famous musical by Robert Lopez and Jeff Marx) the secret is out… confirming ‘the internet is for porn’.

Just run a keyword search through your preferred web browser for ‘pornographic’ or ‘xxx’ and you get back a ga-zillion results! So, with such an abundance of content readily available, what is the best way to find safe adult websites?

When you want to go on vacation, and book flights and hotels, then you may likely turn to trusted sites like Tripadvisor or Expedia, where millions of satisfied clients go when they want to travel. If you are looking to book a great restaurant on short notice, or for a special occasion, then you might just use a reliable site like OpenTable. So when it comes to finding safe and fun online adult entertainment, you should turn to the God of Porn or Sinparty. Not only is it a reputable site for paid content and live webcam site reviews, but you can also read informative blogs which cover a wide range of niches, fetishes and kinks; as well as topics on things like new features that enhance the user-experience (VR porn sites or mobile device cam2cam shows), alternative payment options, and of course, how to recognize safe and secure adult sites.

What makes a porn site safe?

If you are not mindful when searching for adult content online, you might just end up caught in a phishing scam or infecting your desktop / tablet / or phone with viruses and spyware.  Here are a few simple guidelines to follow to check for safe adult websites.

HTTPS Security / SSL Certification / & TLS Encryption 

Legitimate porn sites (or at least the payments portal page where you enter your credit card details) all work with HTTPS. This is an international standard for safeguarding data; and is a key component in protecting sensitive information between a site’s main server and your own personal web browser. Look out for the locked ‘lock’ icon in your search bar to be sure. Next, all reputable payments pages should also include advanced security in the form of secure socket layer (SSL) – an encryption-based protocol for internet safety – as well as credit card protection through TLS encoding. With TLS, only the last 4 numbers of your card remain visible. Your card can still be recognized, but online scammers will not be able to reveal your account details.

Trusted Payment Solutions 

Bone fide content sites will provide numerous and reliable pay options, which include global credit cards like Visa and Mastercard, PayPal, alt coins, and gift cards. Some premium sites also accept direct deposits and mailed in money orders. Secure content sites work with trusted payment vendors like Epoch, SegPay or ProBiller.

Cancellation Policy 

Trusted adult sites include an easy-to-follow process for when you want to end your membership. This could be an ‘in-house’ procedure; or in most instances, you can cancel through the site’s payment processor.

Customer Service

 Safe adult websites provide members with customer support in the form of either live chat, 24/7 phone assistance, or email. 

Legitimate porn sites should not only be safe to use, but also meet with your expectations (if not break them) and cater to your brand of fun.