How to enter Betway’s version for Bulgaria, and what will you find there?

Betway Continues Market Expansion, Enters Bulgaria - - Sofia  News Agency

Online bettors lucky to live in some parts of Europe have access to the world’s latest and most advanced gambling websites. Thanks to the licensing commission in their countries, brands from different parts of the globe can offer their services. Speaking of commissions and gambling operators, this link for will allow you to use Bulgaria’s latest and most sought-after betting company. Most people in the country didn’t expect to see this brand in Bulgaria because it usually operates in other countries. However, the band completes the step-by-step process of obtaining a license, and it is now accessible to clients who reside in the country.

The fact that some online bettors in Bulgaria used Betway’s services before it became available in the country shouldn’t come as a surprise. Since the brand did not have a permit, they had to use VPNs and access the UK version. With that being said, Betway is also available in other jurisdictions, especially in Africa.

Fortunately, Betway’s Bulgarian license means that locals no longer need any additional tools to open the site they want. However, they must complete a few additional steps, so let’s go over them.

Use some of the websites that give you a direct link to Betway’s site

Since this iGaming company is new in Bulgaria, some of the local punters who’ve used other betting operators are not aware of the exact domain. Hence, they often end up on another website or go to the UK version. Sadly, the latter won’t load up because it is blocked in Bulgaria.

Betway knows that establishing itself in this competitive market won’t be easy, so it will need help. That’s the reason why the company also offers an affiliate program. Some of the big players in this business in Bulgaria already have reviews of this site, which means that you can go there and get direct access to the site. Keep in mind that there are no promo codes yet, so you won’t get any special reward like extra funds or free spins.

The fact that you will register using the link won’t give you access to any special privileges, but it won’t also harm you in any way.

Use Google

Although using the first method usually has good results because you can find the site you need in seconds, some people want to search for more information on Google. This probably doesn’t come as a surprise because this is the most popular search engine in the world.

Most online bettors probably won’t have that many problems trying to find this iGaming operator. However, those who don’t want to use the link for Betway Bulgaria pointed out above have to keep in mind they will encounter loads of ads. Since Google’s ad policy is strange, you may see loads of different ads about other online bookmakers/casinos that you might not be interested in.

Clicking on those links won’t send you to Betway’s site in Bulgaria, so you need to know what you’re doing. 

You will find a familiar design, different sections, and an ad for the welcome promotions

Regardless of which steps you decide to follow to access the website, you will eventually open the right page. If you are unsure whether you’ve landed on Betway’s official site for Bulgaria, you have to look for a few things mentioned below.

The first one is the site’s design. Despite the fact that Betway offers its services in Bulgaria, the company uses a similar design to the one for the UK. Speaking of services, you will also notice the different sections that include sports, a casino, eSports, vegas, virtual sports, and a live casino.

Last but not least, Betway’s home page for Bulgaria will show you the two welcome bonuses and a registration button.