How to choose the best Dutch online casinos when the market opens up

The Netherlands have long been praised for their liberal laws and tolerant policies on a variety of sensitive issues. The Dutch are known to be very pragmatic people who approach everything with a realistic mindset, and that has helped them stay ahead of the curve in many aspects. People would expect such a liberal and progressive country like the Netherlands to have a high level of tolerance when it comes to all gambling-related activities, and yet things couldn’t be any different. 

Although gambling in the country has been legalized since the ‘60s, the rules and regulations surrounding gambling have been extremely tight, especially if we compare them to other European countries that have taken a different approach on the matter. The online casino market, which was non-existent at the time the first gambling regulations were drafted, was completely ignored until recently, so for a very long period of time Dutch players could not engage in online gambling activities legally. 

Luckily, things are about to change in the near future, thanks to the Remote Gambling Act which was adopted by the Senate in 2019 and entered into effect earlier this year. The adoption of the Act marks a new era for the gambling market in the Netherlands and sets the legal framework for all online gambling activities in the country. Although casino operators have already started submitting applications to receive a license, there are still a few months to go until online casinos can go live and the market finally opens up. 

While we’re waiting for the big moment to happen, we can make every second count by learning how to choose the best Dutch online casinos. So, once the market is liberalized, you’ll be able to find the top casinos online NL and make the most of your online gambling experience. Here’s what you should consider when looking for a casino provider. 


A lot of major casino operators have already expressed their interest in obtaining a license to provide their services on the Dutch online gambling market, so we’re about to see an influx of casino providers in the near future. The requirements and conditions for obtaining a license are quite tough, meaning the providers will go through a thorough screening process and that will ensure only the best of the best will be able to enter the Dutch market. 

However, you shouldn’t assume all operators are created equal and rely entirely on the work of the authorities when choosing an online casino. You should do your own research, find out what people are saying about the operators you’re considering and select the ones that have an excellent reputation. 

Game variety 

If you find all and any casino games interesting, then you can choose any licensed operator and you’ll have a blast. However, if you have specific requirements, you have to look for those operators that provide the casino games that you’re interested in. 

Our recommendation is to opt for casino sites that offer a wide range of casino games, so in case you get bored of one game, you’ll have plenty more games to try. Before you open an account with an operator, check the game selection and see if it meets your expectations. 

User experience 

There’s no denying that user experience can make or break any website, and casino sites make no exception. The last thing any player would want when accessing a casino site is to search for ages for a piece of information or have trouble opening an account, making a deposit or so on. 

The best casino sites are the ones that provide excellent user experience and make the whole gambling experience feel like smooth sailing for their customers. That’s why you have to take the casino site for a test drive before you decide if it’s worth your time and money. 

Payment options

Speaking of money, Dutch gamblers will have the opportunity to play casino games for free or they can choose to play casino games for real money. Both options have their advantages, but if you decide to play for real money, you have to inquire about the payment options first.

Casino operators that provide various payment options can make life a lot easier for all players, as they can enjoy simple and quick deposits and withdrawals. The rule of thumb here is the more payment options, the better. 


Casino sites are famous for the generous bonuses they provide, and everyone hopes that operators on the Dutch gambling market will exceed all expectations in this respect. Welcome bonuses, sign up bonuses, free spins and other similar promotions and incentives are the salt and pepper in the online casino environment.

Bonuses and rewards can guarantee an enhanced gambling experience, so make sure to choose operators that know how to lure gamblers to their site with the most generous and tempting offers, if you want to start your gambling journey on the right foot.  

Wagering requirements

It’s great to come across a casino site that offers awesome bonuses and promotions, but in order to make the most of these offers you also have to pay attention to the wagering requirements. All bonuses come with certain terms and conditions, so you better read them carefully before you hit play. 

The best sites are the ones that have fair wagering requirements and don’t ask you to play a trillion times until you can withdraw your winnings. Look for operators that provide a combination of both generous bonuses and low wagering requirements for the best results. 

As you can see, there are various factors to take into consideration when selecting a reliable online casino operator. Once the online gambling market in the Netherlands opens up, you’ll be able to find even more information and tips on how to make your gambling experience more pleasant. Until then, this is the closest thing to a Dutch guide of casino games we can offer. What we can say for sure is that the Dutch online casino market won’t disappoint, so get ready to put your gambling skills to the test.