How to Choose a perfect bong for beginners

Published on: 23/Nov/2021

While buying your first bong for your new smoking scene, you have to choose a bong that you love and also seem daunting. Today we are going to talk about the cute bongs at starting level, so you will get your crayons ready.

Choosing the right bong does really matter. Yes, maybe you are looking to take bigger rips or you got a nosy neighbor so everyone wants to minimize their clouds.

If you have a sensitive lungs and looking for the smoother one with less harsh rip? So will break down all your needs. Keep reading below How to choose a perfect bong for you. But first, learn how to pick the cute bong. they start with different cute bong sizes, let’s get into it now.

Why they matter on bong size

So what actually matters on the different bong sizes in Richardson Sports Bar?

Nowadays these Cannabis markets are completely saturated with various kinds of cute bongs and add ons, at times it would be confusing and even it is frustrating to figure out the right bong actually we need isn’t?

Here’s the truth is everyone will have their own preference on bong type and size which fits to their everyday lifestyle. You need something on a smaller scale like mini bongs, or maybe larger bongs.

Either way is having something for everyone, to guide and help on choosing the right bong for you.

Every type and the different size bongs are made from high quality materials with excellent customer services. So, it won’t be hard to find the perfect cute bong.

Well, exactly there are three different bongs out in the market, and what are the benefits of each? Let’s identify various bongs sizes. 

Mini Bongs – These Best Portability

These bongs are the fun pieces to have, due to their small sizes and quite ideal for on the go travels. Those who are looking for a more difficult to approach their best smoking experience will be perfect. In these bongs smoke doesn’t have enough space to allow proper air circulation therefore, will result harsher if hits since smoke is not perfectly filtered in it. As it is easy to carry, people mostly prefer it as they look like cute bongs.

Medium Bongs:Medium bongs are common since what that name implies, right in the middle of those small and big the benefits of mini bongs can provide plus advantages of these big hitter best ones can deliver perfectly. It’s not as huge as bigger bongs, still greater in size compared to mini ones. It knocks off lists making it discrete or even travel friendly. Those are the points consider while buying I the medium bongs.

Large Bongs: Perfect for households, these bongs are usually more experienced smokers, not imitated to beginners. In a lot of ways this is best type of bongs to buy. Because, they allow optimal air flow and smoke filtration. These large sized bongs will work wonderfully for home uses as they are bigger and not discreet or travel friendly.

Bong Bowl Sizes: sm

Step-up your game with different bong bowl sizes. As you’re smoking with just yourself and want a nice big clean hit then throw on all hitting bowls.

Small Bowl: It is great for personal use, and also perfect for late night toke. It may be small but does wonders for instantaneous pickup needs.

Large Bowl: These are wonderful for ideal and large hits. People who are looking for a monstrous hit without overdoing it. It’s perfect for multiple hits and you can save for later or giant ones.

Party Bowl: It is the best bowl for sharing with your friends and family. This is enough to go around, assured that everyone will be more than satisfied by taking a big rip out of this.

Joint Sizes

Here are the two types of joint sizes, male bongs and female bongs. This is the fun part that differentiates bong bowl sizes.

To choose from many alternatives of your bong, bowl piece, ass catcher, dropdown and much pretty accessories having to do with your cute bong pieces has a gender to it. These sizes are what they really mean.

Male Bong:  It is the more correct term, when all the accessories have to be female. This is the opposite attraction: the water has a wide opening where it has a separate bowl piece that has to fit inside.

Female Bong: The bong is more correctly referred to female joint where the opening is much smaller, you would need male accessories to insert on it. The joint itself is compatible in order. Glass bongs are the most popular type among cute bong materials and are out in the market. They provide the cleanest and purest tasty hits. Most of these glass bongs are made from different borosilicate glass. As it is more resistant than to thermal and temperature changes, perfect for the durability.

By buying a bong which is already equipped with these fundamentals such as a glass chamber, ice catcher, and down stem you will all need to be cautious about. Since, ceramic bong does not contain intricate parts which makes it less prone to fractures.

Bongs will come from different shapes and sizes with just a bowl and chamber. By the end of the day they all do the same work to smoke the burning marijuana. Basically, features of different bongs to light up the weed in it. Knowingly cute bongs will be important for anyone who enjoys cannabis consumption. 

A bong has large chambers with a water filtration system which will allow it to give a bigger hit out of cooler smoke. It may be difficult at first to know how to use a bong but it starts to slow with sequence hits. To adjust your own inhalation to get hang off it. The multi chambers of cute bongs usually have tubes and base bottoms with the connection to the base directly. 

One has to make a choice while buying the new bong and should consider the material type they like to smoke. Each material has a different aspect. Glass is one of them which is more favored as it has clean pure taste and doesn’t flavor the smoke. Whereas plastic bongs have low durability compared to glass and also the flavor may change. The metal bongs are cheap and the taste varies and takes time to clean and is also difficult.