How to choose a bookmaker in India for a beginner

Newcomers to betting face the problem of choosing a bookmaker’s office. Many, do not even start betting, encountering problems when registering. Some leave, because of difficulties with depositing an account. Few understand everything and win money. Some of the winners remain without money, because of difficulties with the withdrawal or bookmaker fraud. 

The first step into the world of betting is to choose an office that will not discourage the idea of making money from betting. This article is not just for beginners. Experienced bettors, too, have something to take from this article. And you can explore this topic in more detail on our website.

First steps for bettors in India

Every betting club in India is under the control of the regulator. True, they are not state-owned companies but loaded. Most bookmakers are licensed by the regulator of Curacao. If the operator is willing to provide data on the certificate, there is no need to doubt the honesty of the project.

Depending on the preferred method of identification, a list of appropriate bookmakers is made. Of them and choose. A variety of sites, writing ratings of bookmakers according to various criteria, will help to make such a list. Trusting the ratings is a smart move. It allows you to compare several bookmakers and choose the best one for you.

What criteria are used to choose bookmakers in India?

Professional bettors take into account several aspects:

  • License. It is mandatory to have a license. Real bookmakers put the details of the certificate in the free access on the company’s website. An honest company has nothing to hide. If the information is not on the site, you can ask for the document number from the support service. 
  • The rules of the BK. It is necessary to read the rules. In controversial issues, the regulator always sides with the bettor, if the player has not violated the rules. The terms are written in such a way that it is possible to get sanctions for every little thing. A careful reading of the rules allows you to avoid violations that may come up in the resolution of a disputed issue. Some of the articles may be discussed with the support team. A specialist will explain all of the unclear points. When communicating with a consultant, it is necessary to save the correspondence in case of disputable issues.
  • Support service. The speed of the support team is important. It is important how trained the specialists are. Problems and controversial issues should be resolved quickly. Because of the long work of the consultants, you may not have time to place a winning bet. Long, indifferent answers irritate the bettor. If the support service does not try to solve the issue, such a BC is not needed. You can check the work of operators immediately after registration. If you ask the support a document or a question, you can feel the speed of the operators and fully appreciate the level of training of the bookmaker.
  • Time of existence. You should not trust young betting companies. They have few reviews. Often there are problems with the work of unfinished services. A young bookmaker may not have enough money to pay without delays. A company that has existed for decades is trustworthy. Fortunately, there are many of them in India.

Feedback from users also matters. The Internet remembers everything. The World Wide Web has enough information about each BK. There are special sites that collect reviews about bookmakers in India.

The reviews store a lot of useful information:

  • Withdrawal delays. Not every bookmaker pays the money within the designated period.
  • Incorrect calculation of bets. Some platforms register bets with a delay of up to 5 seconds. The odds in live are lost.
  • Lack of bets on TOP championships. On the one hand, it is not a minus. This bookmaker focuses only on the national leagues of India.
  • Difficulties in communicating with support. In some gambling clubs, you have to wait 24 hours for an answer.
  • Establishment of limits for successful players. A player can be suspected of cheating. However, in licensed betting clubs, this is rare. Do not forget about the rules of the market. Often bad reviews are written by competitors. It is necessary to sift out real comments from fake ones. The real comments tell everything to the smallest detail. Real bettors make screenshots and post photos of communication with support.
  • The odds. Greedy BKs set big margins. This contributes to lower odds. Fewer odds, less income. 
  • The list and the line. Line-up – the variety of events. Lists – the variety of possible bets to these events. An inexperienced bettor needs a big choice of sports and matches. You need a good line when making live bets. A detailed list during the match helps to earn dozens of bets. The variety of markets allows you to choose an interesting strategy. 
  • Broadcasts. Finding a broadcast of the desired match on the Internet is a troublesome matter. If the betting company has live broadcasts, you do not have to pay for subscriptions to sports channels. Watching the game is psychologically important for any bettor. Betting on sports becomes not just an income, but also good entertainment because the level of excitement rises to a maximum.

Live bets require special attention. The odds can change every 10 seconds. If the quote changes during the betting, the bet is not made on favorable terms. The value may fall by 0.3-0.5 points. This is especially true when a favorite and an underdog meet, where the spread of the results is quite wide. 

Minimum deposit and betting limits

A beginner does not want to learn and risks a large sum of money. Many clubs allow minimum deposits of 500, 300, and 100 Indian rupees. This is important. For an experienced bettor, 2-3 thousand rupees is not a significant amount. 

The minimum betting limit is important for beginners. It is better to learn how to bet and bet 100-150 INR than to risk large sums and get into gambling. The maximum limit is already a priority for experienced bettors who make money from betting. 

The successful player can set the maximum possible amount of bets that prevents the use of forked strategies. This is usually spelled out in the rules. Even if this is not in the rules, it will be difficult to prove your point. You can find out about the limits from the support service.

What you need to know about payment systems 

Payment systems for depositing money from each bookmaker include a different set of tools. You can deposit money to your account from various cards, accounts, and online wallets. When choosing a club, you need to look at the availability of a convenient method. Not all online services of the international format are available in India.

The withdrawal should be made to the account from which the deposit was opened. In addition, the user must remember that the payment details must match the data in the personal questionnaire.

The time of withdrawal is prescribed in the cashier’s office, as well as to find out the terms of transfer can be found through the support chat. On average, bookmakers in India transfer winnings within 20-45 minutes.

What you need to know about bonuses and promotions

Bookmakers have a huge number of bonuses and promotions. Indian bookmakers go further and emphasize a progressive loyalty system. This means that every active player will get personalized perks.

There is an entry bonus in almost every office. It needs to be treated carefully. There are different rules to win back the bonus. However, bookmakers from the rating do not create problems in working out the wager.

It is important to pay attention to a few nuances:

  • No-deposit promotions. Many bookmakers are willing to give out promo codes for freebies for nothing. The beginner will have the opportunity to bet a few hundred INR and take the money they win.
  • Loyal wagering. You won’t have to spend a lot of money to work out the terms of the promotion. Usually, you need to register a wager with odds of at least 1.5 to do so. 
  • Bonuses on accumulator bets. This type of betting is in particular demand since many operators are ready to increase the odds if a coupon for more than 12 events comes in. It is clear that it is difficult to implement such a strategy, but there is an opportunity to earn good money.
  • Tournaments and lotteries. As an alternative to betting on sports, bookmaker operators from India offer lottery draws. It is also possible to get tickets to these events for free, and in return receive a prize of almost 1000000 Indian rupees.

Information about the bonus system is open in the promotions section. The support team is ready to clarify the nuances of any prize event. Virtual chat works without any time limit and is available to customers in different languages.