How to Become a Himiway Authorized Dealer

The Himiway cruiser e-bike serves its riders’ premium benefits. As a result, it is growing in popularity, with a demand to increase its global presence. When Himiway successfully builds an extensive network, it will increase its sales and presence across the globe. Here is an opportunity for e-bike enthusiasts and business personnel to become Himiway dealers. Becoming an authorized dealer allows access to services, generous subsidies, and various benefits. Hence, if you have what it takes to become a Himiway dealer, grab the opportunity now. As much as you earn some income for yourself, you also get to support the green environment in your way. 

Basic Information About Himiway

Since 2017, Himiway has been in the e-bike manufacturing industry while considering feedback from over 50,000 users in its productions. The maximum range for most e-bikes is 30 to 49 miles, and Himiway beats this range with about a 43% increase, reaching up to 80 miles. Himiway wants to provide a safe cycling experience for every environmentalist and enthusiast willing to upgrade their lifestyles.

Himiway offers one of the best quality e-bikes and accessories you will ever find in the manufacturing sector. The brand is highly categorized by its durable batteries, with extended shelf-life. This has helped most riders to attain a longer distance or mileage than most regular brands. Currently, the brand has branches in Europe and North America but aims to increase its base sooner.

Advantages of Using a Himiway Product

One of the many advantages of Himiway products is the powerful battery range. Riders can cover up to 60 to 80 miles on a single charge. The e-bikes can also ride at a speed of 22 mph, which is higher than most regular e-bikes. Hence, it is the perfect option for touring, holiday greetings, picnics, and adventure rides.

The Himiway battery can last long; however, it updates riders on the remaining percentage as you ride along a road. Hence, you are not caught unaware of unpleasant situations or rundown batteries. Interestingly, Himiway manufacturers are updating the product’s features to meet more customers’ demands. This means being an authorized dealer gives access to every e-bike-friendly country to supply necessary components to Himiway riders upon every request.

  • Improved products made with LG/Samsung batteries to increase the cycle rate to 1,000 charges.
  • A durable motor with 1,000 W. The increased power rate allows riders to cover more mileage.
  • Riders can go off-road and on rough terrains with a stable suspension system. The suspension system is needed for the chain drive mechanism. When it is unstable, it attracts a lot of dust when riding off-road. 
  • The e-bike frame is built with a sturdy material, increasing the product’s load capacity to about 400 lbs.

Requirements to Become a Dealer

Before you become a dealer with Himiway, you must have specific requirements. When you search the Himiway official page, you will be requested to enter the following information.

  • First and Last name
  • A valid email address
  • A valid phone number and contact address
  • Your registered company’s name
  • Your company’s address
  • Your country/state/province

Once you register successfully, you can always log in to the dealer’s portal via your email address, and you will receive a verification code. Also, providing correct information is essential, enabling e-bike users close by to access your company’s location. 

You must be able to provide both test-ride and repair services to customers. A Himiway dealer should present an inventory, including the number of supplies and the items in stock. Dealers should also have a physical location for easy access and inspection. 

The Himiway brand gives a two years manufacturer’s warranty on its bike and accessories, except for free products. As a result, a Himiway dealer is expected to extend the same benefit to customers. The warranty is activated as soon as an authorized dealer orders and receives the products. Also, you have the privilege to report to the customer team in shipping damage situations. 

If the damage occurred due to human error or misuse, none of Himiway’s components would be replaced by the company. The warranty does not also cover any damaged parts resulting from moisture or heat. This includes the handlebar, wheel hub, kickstand, LCD, forks, brake pads, cassette, chains, frame, and many others. The warranty claims for these components are primarily valid after 15 days of being issued the receipt. 


The Cooperation Process

Becoming an authorized dealer with Himiway implies you have been granted permission to sell the brand’s products. This means the marketing department has gone through your information, and you have proven to be eligible through the qualification examination. The brand will also examine the market situation in your province to determine if it will be in its favor. The involved parties will sign a contract and the penalty for compromising any part of the agreement.

After signing the agreement, it has become the responsibility of the authorized dealer to sell the brand’s benefits to customers. This may require learning some marketing strategies from the manufacturing company. Fortunately, Himiway includes marketing tutorials or guides in its agreement with authorized dealers. It will help increase the dealer’s sales growth as well. The supply chain is also short to reduce communication and purchase stress. Once you meet the related requirements, you can directly order via the website.


Himiway works towards offering more benefits to its users. Thus, collaborating with NGOs like the Adventure Cycling Association. Hence, every Himiway dealer already has an added advantage of laid-out marketing platforms. You also get marketing materials from the expert team at Himiway. Reach out to the representative team via [email protected], and become a Himiway dealer.