How To Attract a Virgo in 2023

The Virgo love horoscope depicts a deeply loving partner who prioritizes a partner’s needs. However, this sign has very high standards, so if you want to woo the Virgin, you must put your best foot forward. Learning about your Virgo beau is the best way to show that you really care.

Take Time To Recognize Their Efforts

This earth sign works incredibly hard; as much as they expect of others, they’re even more strict with themselves. If you don’t know a Virgo very well, this may come off as snobby, but the truth is that those born under the Virgin feel strongly about responsibility. Colleagues of Virgos find them meticulous, which can be frustrating, but everyone agrees the final project is better for it.

Unfortunately, Virgos rarely feel pride in their accomplishments because of their perfectionism. To them, there’s always something they could’ve done better. You can show Virgos how much you value them by recognizing their hard work and telling them how much you admire their dedication. This appreciation is highly likely to draw a Virgo’s attention.

The Turn Ons & Offs for Virgos

According to psychic readings for Virgo, this earth sign is initially reserved. Individuals born under this constellation don’t make rash moves, so don’t expect them to sweep them off their feet. Instead, Virgos carefully consider the pros and cons before deciding whether or not to go all-in. Even a minor problem can get you crossed off a Virgo’s list of potential partners.

During the first date, you’ll need to consider every move carefully. Avoid turn-offs at all costs, and do your best to embody this sign’s turn-ons.

Turn On: Intellectual Debate

Virgos want a partner they can talk to for hours. These brainiacs love to dig into the meat of a topic, and their knowledge is breathtakingly broad. If you can’t contribute to the conversation, don’t expect the date to move forward.

You don’t have to talk about rocket science, but try to contribute honest and well-thought-out opinions. Steer clear of shallow subjects such as gossip; opt instead for complex topics such as literature. This earth sign also appreciates imagination, so don’t be afraid to push the envelope.

Turn Off: Bad Breath

Those born under the Virgin are meticulous about everything — including appearances. How you present yourself plays a huge role in whether your Virgo beau will arrange a second date. To them, the effort you put into your outfit and hygiene directly reflects how much you respect them. As a result, the following will make a Virgo run for the hills:

  • Bad breath
  • Stained or wrinkled clothes
  • Chewed fingernails
  • Body odor

You don’t have to buy a fancy suit or get your makeup professionally done, but make an effort and pay attention to details. Your efforts will go a long way toward impressing your date.

If you need more Virgo love advice, consider scheduling psychic medium readings live. You can find experienced psychics online and even talk to astrology specialists. Understanding your partner is crucial to building a solid relationship foundation, so don’t hesitate to arrange a relationship reading.