How is the rakeback of Partypoker: PartyRakeback gives us all the details

One of the aspects that most professional poker players study with magnifying glass is the rakeback, the part of the rake (commission that the table takes for hosting the game) that is returned to the player as an incentive.

The rakeback has variable values depending on the room, and each one tries to seek greater competitiveness by offering higher rakeback levels to attract the attention of new players, while seeking to retain those who are already part of the community of each room.

Taking into account that Partypoker is one of the most veteran platforms to play online poker in the sector, with more than 20 years of experience in many markets, they are a reference when analyzing the evolution of one of the most important aspects for an online poker player: the rakeback.

One of the most attractive proportional rakeback levels in the industry

Partypoker’s experience in the online poker sector has led it to know better than anyone the desires of its community of players, and that translates into a much higher level of competitiveness than other proposals in the sector.

Some of the features that have been dazzling more and more players over the years have to do with the varied methods of payment and withdrawal, with the compatibility of its software, with the huge number of tournaments and types of games and with the number of recreational players that there are on average in the different territories in which Partypoker operates.

However, above all this there are a number of aspects that are top for players, according to what the PartyRakeback team says in the review published on its own web portal about some of the most remarkable aspects of Partypoker.

“The truth is that Partypoker has an enviable level of traffic, is compatible with multi-table competitions and has, without a doubt, one of the best rakeback systems on the market,” says the team in charge of analyzing some of the aspects of the platform.

“All this consolidates it as one of the most attractive options for players of all types, regardless of their type of game or level of experience, since the benefits of playing in its rooms are greater than the potential risks of suffering a bad streak,” they add.

And it is their rakeback system, which occupies a good part of PartyRakeback’s analysis, is one of the aspects that has best defined the platform for some years now. “Its weekly cashback ranges between 5 and 25 percent, which, translated into euros, is between 10 and 2,000 euros of rake,” they explain.

One of the advantages of Partypoker’s rakeback system is its transparency, something that has not gone unnoticed by PartyRakeback. “Its rakeback does not make use of random coefficients or indirect formulas to minimize winnings, so any player can benefit from it. That is one of the main advantages of their system, at the cost of maintaining an average rakeback percentage somewhat lower than that of the competition,” they explain.

However, this small handicap is compensated according to those who have analyzed the platform’s features

“Although many do not see it, we are talking about a rakeback that in proportion is somewhat lower than that offered by other rooms, but that offers greater guarantees to the players; other platforms offer higher theoretical percentages, but take advantage of opaque coefficients to minimize the real impact on the player’s earnings, so the Partypoker system is much more beneficial and transparent,” they explain.

“A negative point of Partypoker’s rakeback is that the final value can be diminished by taxes, although these are intended to improve promotions for players, so they revert positively on them,” they add. “In addition, every player who is registered in the promotions section can receive 1 point for each euro of rake, which increases the benefits of its rakeback system”.

But Partypoker also has an additional rakeback system thanks to PartyRakeback. “By playing through PartyRakeback, the positive effects of Partypoker’s rakeback are doubled, which allows the player to redeem his points for very succulent prizes as a reward for his dedication and discipline at the tables of our rooms,” says the team of, one of the portals specialized in the analysis and dissemination of opinions whose poker specialists have also studied Partypoker’s rakeback system.

One of the most reliable and reputable platforms in the sector

Taking into account the experience and the long trajectory of Partypoker in the online poker sector, it is not surprising that it is currently one of the most reputable names in the sector. 

In fact, according to the PartyRakeback review, those two are the platform’s most prized features, as it boasts an enviable popularity rating within reach of few other names in the industry.

“The speed of deposits and its compatibility with platforms such as PayPal have made the platform one of the most accessible of all the websites that host online poker games, which, together with the high level of security it is able to provide, has meant that there are no cases of dissatisfied users with its withdrawal system,” they explain.

Due to its rakeback system with incentives, its constant traffic level, the speed of withdrawals, its compatibility with platforms such as PayPal and the high level of security it offers, Partypoker is one of the best options to play online poker of all those that make up the current offer.