How Indians Gamble Online: PC or Mobile, Betting or Casino

India is a hotbed when it comes to online gambling. Young Indians love to place bets on sports online, especially on horse racing which is legal as pari-mutuel betting and the country’s favourite – cricket. But online casino gambling is not far behind, especially in Maharashtra.

According to recent surveys, Maharashtra has the highest number of online casino players. It generates over 17% of all organic traffic. When it comes to online sports betting, Telangana is the leader. Online casino gambling is more popular than sports betting in India, although the numbers are closer than one might think.

Mobile Gambling Evolved

It should come as no surprise that Indians love gambling from their phones. Whether its sports betting we’re talking about sports betting or casino games, all Android and iOS apps for mobile gambling get more attention than their web-based counterparts. That’s in line with the rest of the world, where mobile gambling is the ultimate way to play games and bet online.

We do everything on our mobile phones these days, and gambling is not low on that list. People love the freedom of playing on the go, even though others are willing to stay home and play on their computers instead. But the fact that you can go anywhere and play games or bet on sports anytime is a major reason why players love to game on the go.

Maharashtra and Telangana bring about 1/6 of all organic online gambling traffic. They are followed by Mumbai and Pune, where players spend their free time playing games and betting on sports using 그래프게임. Karnataka and West Bengal follow with almost 10% of generated traffic, before Uttar Pradesh and Tamil Nadu. The states which are home to the leading six Indian sites generate over 60% of all online casino customers, with Mumbai, Delhi, Kolkata, Chennai, Bangalore, and Hyberabad at the front. At the same time, mobile gambling is at its highest point in these states and cities, showing that Indians love to play slots and casino games on the go.

Telangana Leads in Sports Betting

When it comes to sports betting, mobile apps are the frontrunners too. In geo-location terms, Telangana is the leader. It generates a total of 22% of sports betting traffic in India, while Karnataka trails with 17%. Uttar Pradesh, Delhi, and Tamil Nadu follow, but are far from Telangana’s share.

Both Telangana and Karnataka are India’s most important tech hubs, so the popularity of online and mobile gambling and betting come as no surprise. Another factor why online gambling is popular in these regions are the bans. Telangana banned it in 2017 while Andra Pradesh banned gambling in 2020, pushing players to flock to online casinos and betting sites and play via apps.

In terms of demographics, Gen Z dominates the market. They are much tech-savvier than people decades ago which justifies the extended use of apps. According to recent data, people born from 1997 to 2010 are the most important user segment in the industry, so it’s clear that Gen Z is calling the shots now.