How I Became a Top Player In FIFA

When it comes to winning matches on FIFA, the struggle is so real that every player has to struggle at one point or the other and that’s what evenly spices up the game fun.

However, there are certain situations when your team suffers defeat in the hands of your opponents and the balls are hardly in your possession just because your opponent knows how to rock it better.

This is so frustrating and can suck out a chunk of the fun you’re having on FIFA or even make you lose interest.

Well, you don’t have to let it get to that point. Today, I’ll be briefing you on how I became a top player in FIFA. 

Hopefully, you’ll be able to top up your game as well. 

Starting With the Right Formation

We have absolute control over our teams in FIFA, so, we can try out different formations.

The 4-2-2-2 formation might not be the best one for you, hence, you should feel free to test other formations and see what works best for your team such as 4-4-2, 4-3-3-, or  3,1,4,2, etc.

Also, try not to get yourself caught up in the constant switching of formations, so you don’t get confused on which works better.

Getting Familiar With the Players and Their Chemistry

One of the considerable-worthy parts of Ultimate Teams is players’ chemistry, and this is extremely important to me.

Player’s chemistry on a team is aggregated to 100, and each player can get a maximum of 10, so, making your players share similar links would make their chemistry stronger, making it reflect in their performance. 

Possession is Key to Surviving Matches

When the opponent is in possession, I ensure I do not apply only defensive but offensive tactics as well, so the ball slips to me.

If however the ball is with me, and I felt a bit of resistance from the opponents’ defense, I never hesitate to pass the ball backward.

For Sprinting, I’ve seen its implications, so I make sure to resist the urge to sprint most of the time; it weakens players’ stamina and makes them lose possession of the ball easily.

Using Agile Dribbling and Creative Run Tactics

These are the two new attacking features that are incorporated into FIFA21, and I felt like they’re purposely designed for me, only.

Often, I let the best players on the team use these functionalities to help get me some tactical edge.

Timed finishing has become a thing for me also. Nonetheless, I always advise other people that aren’t good at it to learn how to practice timed finishing before implementing it because getting it wrong can be disastrous.

Creating a Better Team

Building a FUT team that includes the best players is essential. This is why everyone kept trading their cards on the transfer market for better ones.

The more FIFA coins you are ready to spend, the more your chances of getting better or even top tier players like Ronaldo and Messi, in addition to in-store packs.

This is why I go trading to earn enough FIFA coins. Of course, trading can be daunting sometimes, so I get mine automated by using a premium FIFA 21 Autobuyer called FUTMillionaire.

Using the FUTMillionaire App, I was able to gather millions of FIFA21 coins which had contributed immensely to helping me become a top player on FIFA.