How Dubai Based SEO Agencies Are Dealing with Latest Google “Helpful Content Update”

Google introduces a helpful content algorithm update that is more people-friendly and focuses on the term “people-first content.” Now, the primary target audience of content should be people rather than search engines. You have been hearing news about the best SEO practices in digital towns, but the content paradigm has shifted. 

On its official search rankings page, Google confirms the release of the helpful content update on August 25. This update has become a hot topic among SEO experts and digital marketers. They start brainstorming over this new Google move.

Dubai Based SEO agencies are meeting with their digital marketing experts and preparing plans and strategies to meet the new requirements to get high rankings on the search engine. 

White web solutions study different digital marketing leaders and recommend the other digital agencies to stay on one page with Google. If you don’t follow this update, you will vanish sooner or later from search engine rankings. 

6 Things You Do After Fresh Helpful Content Update 

Here are six things you better know to ensure you create the right people-oriented content released by Google.

  1. Stay Around Mian Topic 

Google advises staying around the main topic and encourages creating content for the people. If you write for the search engine, you forget the people’s intent. You have to use the things that couldn’t match people’s thinking. 

In other words, creating content for search engines is something different. For instance, you have to stuff irrelevant keywords in your content that are not a primary focus of people. So, you better avoid attempting such a mistake next time.

If an audience visits your site to know the answer to any query, you are not allowed to put other words than that particular answer. 

For example, many people involved in creating content only take part in the trend and pay attention to people. They don’t care what people think, but their key goal is to gain high traffic and become top in search engine rankings.

If you don’t have expertise in a particular niche, you should avoid entering it because you don’t have real knowledge about the niche. 

  1. First-Hand Experience Matters 

You couldn’t talk about things you hadn’t used in your life. Don’t try to write about something that you haven’t experienced. For instance, if you have never used an iPhone, how can you write the right phone description? 

Simply, experience first and then write is a strategy.

You can undoubtedly earn more by viewership and affiliated marketing with such blogs and articles, but you are not meeting people’s wants. So, you need to write helpful content that provides value to audiences. Read here an amazing content on how to develop an influence marketing marketing in Dubai.

  1. Don’t Use One Site for Multiple Niches 

Google says a website should have a niche. Somehow, if you try to put multiple niche tabs on your website, you will create a hurdle for Google to understand the exact thing.

Various niches on a single website create a mess, and people and Google both remain confused about learning more about the website. You need to build your site around one subject. 

You better build multiple sites if you have diverse experience and want to write on multiple niches. 

In other words, one niche website is the best strategy.

  1. Provide Complete Answers to A Question 

Google appreciates content that conveys complete information in one turn. If people visit your website, they should be satisfied with the content. If they don’t get proper answers to their questions, your content is trash and doesn’t fulfill Google writing guidelines. 

If you only write for search engines, you write something irrelevant that can’t value people. This thing can increase bounce rate too.

On the other hand, if your content provides a unique and valid answer to a question, you are a winner in search engine rankings. So, don’t involve trash-talking and go ahead with the right information.

  1. Give Valid Answer with Proven Source 

Google warns to avoid creating content that doesn’t base on any facts. For example, if you answer a question, the answer should be with some valid and proven facts and figures. You shouldn’t provide the answer if you don’t find any proof of your answer.

Google wants to build trust among your readers. So, you should write with live examples and facts. On the other hand, you should take references and facts from authentic and authoritative sources. This way, you can build strong relationships and trust with your visitors. Google also appreciates your proven efforts.

  1. Write Short, Sweet, and to the Point

As reported by Time, 50% of readers stay up to 15 seconds on a page. Your goal is to extend the dwell time of the reader. This is only possible if you write for the people, not search engines. 

So, your content should be short, sweet, concrete, and concise. For instance, if you don’t create content in the proper formatting style, your reader can’t make a difference in various pieces of information. If you create content in good form and everything will appear clear on your page, your reader must stay for a long time.

In other words, your content should be scannable.

A reader wants to get whole information on one page, and most readers don’t go further to read the content. Because it is common behavior. So, you act according to the people’s behavior. That is why Google releases its new update of people-first content. 

You can use the following guidelines to make your content more scannable for readers.

  • Don’t write lengthy sentences 
  • Avoid using difficult terms 
  • Use bullet points
  • Create multiple paragraphs 
  • Add images and infographics 

Final Thought

Writing people-first content is key to success on search engines. If you want to get proper benefits from your content, you should avoid writing according to the search engine. Undoubtedly, the search engine has its significance, but according to Google’s new update, search engines have become the secondary focus. 

Keep your content close to the human’s intent and satisfy their need, want, and demand. You should follow the above-described useful steps to get a competitive advantage in the digital arena.