How Do Progressive Jackpot Slots Work at Online Casinos?

We all dream of nipping over to online slots and winning immense sums on progressive jackpot slots. However, do you have to play high roller slots today to stand a chance of bagging a top prize? If you want to learn about jackpot slots, and more specifically, how they pay out their prizes, then read our guide for more information. Let’s begin by explaining what progressive jackpot slots are.

Progressive Versus Non-Progressive

Before we can look at how progressive games payout, we need to look at how they work. Progressive jackpot casino slots get their name because their jackpot prize is not capped. It grows with each new bet – hence its name, progressive. The prize is available to win not just at your casino but at any casino that features the game. Once it is won in one casino, it disappears from all casinos hosting the game. After being won, the prize returns to its default level before rising once more until it is won by a lucky Slot Gacor Hari Ini player once more.

With that said, how can you win progressive jackpots? There are several ways. Allow us to explain…

You Can Win on Specific Paylines with Maximum Bets

One of the oldest ways of bagging a progressive jackpot prize in a slot was to land a combo on a specific payline. This is tricky. Landing five identical symbols is tough enough, but to get them on a single payline (and a specific one at that) and have a maximum bet wagered was asking too much. Fortunately, there are easier ways to bag prizes nowadays.

You Can Win on Any Payline

Most jackpot slots that still want you to land five identical symbols not at least let you do so on any payline. Moreover, many of these games have dropped the requirements that you have the maximum wager staked. Alternatively, they may have multiple prize pots, so players who don’t wager the maximum bet can still win “a progressive prize” even if it isn’t the maximum jackpot.

You Can Win Via a Bonus Round

It is also possible to win progressive prizes via bonus rounds. In most cases, this will be a click and win round, where you can match various symbols to win prizes, much like a scratch card. Other games may have bonuses that require you to spin a fortune wheel to win a cash prize, or one of several prizes. The important thing to note is that you must first trigger the jackpot bonus (via scatters or bonus symbols) before you can do this.

You Can Win at Random

Randomly triggered progressive jackpots are all the rage and the most common way to win nowadays. They let you “skip” the part about triggering the jackpot round but may still involve some sort of bonus game, such as the money heel or click and win feature. Others quite literally just randomly hand you the cash prize with no questions asked.

You Can Win in Time

Finally, some Info Bocoran Slot Gacor Hari Ini have prizes that are timer based. These games are won “before the timer runs out”. They still pay out at random, but by giving players an idea of how long is left, bettors know when to flock to the game or avoid. This often sees the jackpot prize rise considerably in the short window remaining before it is won, creating excitement.